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Found 2 results

  1. Version pdf


    Found my pattern in an old archived April 2007 HAIN Newsletter. Onc thought was lost due to computer crashing. BROKEN HEART ANGEL WINGS GOWN.pdf
  2. Version pdf


    I called it my Cinderella Gown. One of my first creations ever. Turns out so pretty.. Apparently when transferring the original design to pdf I lost some of the ** repeat stars. So will update that and repost it. UPDATED: Original pattern and updated pattern are here for you to download! (updates were made by Cheryl Chow HAIN Volunteer) Updated Pattern View (Updated by Cheryl C) I call this 2 names because when I originally designed this I made it in colors of above in picture. However when I later made this in pink, it looked nothing like its name (mint) so I gave it another name Cinderella Gown. Cinderella Version or picture below.

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