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  1. September 2017 Roll Call

    Checking in. I'm finishing up my next group of garments and hats to go out. This month, instead of honoring my children, it's to honor a dear friend's grandson, Charlie, who was born still on August 11. Cheri
  2. Warning....

    Having the announcements on each page throws me. I do most of my "stuff" on an iPad, and it took me awhile to understand that what I clicked on always showed up under the announcements. So I thought it wasn't there because I couldn't see it on the small screen. From my perspective, have those announcements only on the home page would be best. We see them but they aren't every where we go.
  3. Warning....

    No, I have not contacted them yet. My friend's daughter in law delivered her stillborn baby there on the 11th. I'm sending them there in Charlie's memory. I will try to talk to someone in Labor & Delivery first to be sure they will accept them. I prefer Sentara to Potomac Hospital in Manassas, even though that is only ten minutes away.
  4. Warning....

    Diana, Cuddle Cots are a cooling device that go into a Moses basket. They help to keep a baby's body cool following a stillbirth, etc, allowing families to take pictures, count toes, or just bonding with the baby and saying goodbye. The Cot and baby can stay in the mother's room for several days if needed. They are made by Flexmort, I believe in the U.K., at a cost of about $3000. I found out about them thru Stories of Babies Born Still on Facebook. My friend Rachael and I placed the third in the US in October 2014. There are currently in the range of 250 in hospitals across the country. A new device called a Caring Cradle is coming on the US market shortly. It is a complete unit including stand. It will also be close to $3000 but has fewer health concerns. For more information, see caringcradle.com. They do a much better job of explaining it than I do Regardless which unit a hospital has, just having a means to help a family in the process of saying hello and goodbye at the same time is such help.
  5. Warning....

    Betty, thank you for your insight. I wasn't looking for a pat on the back, but I guess I wanted to be sure my items would be utilized. Over the last four years, I have been active in getting Cuddle Cots into hospitals to help families who have just lost an infant. Ten days ago, a dear friend lost a grandson to stillbirth at a hospital with a Cuddle Cot, and it was not used. Consequently, I'm concerned about other items also not being used. I will try to have faith because I'm not doing this for glory - I'm doing it to honor my children. Candy, I will pray for you as you continue your journey. I can't imagine what you are going thru, but as a loss parent, thank you for continuing to bless other families with your gifts.
  6. Warning....

    Mary, you have my permission to share my story. It took me about 37 years to not have my children in the shadows. Social media, and sites like this, allowed me to share them, and I do every day. Thank you for your insights on my other concerns. I did include a letter with my package and asked them to let me know - thru email or phone - if there are any specific items they need. I already have a number of items done for August. They will be going to Sentara Hospital in Woodbridge, VA, in memory of a dear friend's grandson who was born still at that hospital a week ago. I will include information for this group with the package, as well as a personal letter. I also sent the pictures for you to post - thank you for doing so.
  7. Warning....

    I also find the site difficult to navigate. I am by no means a web expert, but I think it would work much better with tabs across the top that go to links. I do most of my internet on my iPad, and with the announcements always there, I find it hard to get to what I'm looking for. As an example, when I was trying to send the items I had completed, it was hard to figure out how to let you know. An email was to be sent to Elaine, but while I knew I had seen something somewhere about sending pictures to you for posting. But I couldn't find it. I also had trouble finding the list of hospitals and what they needed. It's not intuitive ar all. . I have the same issue as Sarah with the items I sent out about ten days ago - hats and burial wraps to a hospital in Newport News, VA, one of the "adopt a hospital" needs. I have also not heard if the items were received. Consequently, I am hesitant to send more to the same hospital, though I would like to send in Virginia. And I will have multiple items ready to go by the end of the month. I think the concept you have is wonderful which is why I jumped at the opportunity when I first heard about it back about April. I started working on things, but life intervened. My husband died, I was forced to move very quickly. And I'm trying to get back on my feet emotionally and mentally. I will be continuing to knit for babies gone too soon or here too soon in memory of my children, Jaime and Sean, both with love and as a way to destress.
  8. This collection of one blanket, five burial wraps with hats, and nine hats was donated in memory of my daughter Jaime and son Sean, both of whom died in infancy. I feel blessed to be able to help another family thru some of the pain that comes with losing a baby before they have a chance to live.
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