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    Wisconsin (WI)
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    I knit and crochet. Baby projects are my favorite things to make. :)

About Me

Hello! I love to knit and crochet, primarily for charitable purposes. I bounce between recipients as my moods and emotions dictate. 


I'm mom to Tiri (born in 2011), Freddy (born sleeping in 2013), Fritz (born in 2015) and Antoinette (born in 2017). I've been married to my first love since 2010. He says I have enough yarn sometimes, but he still enables me, and he says that he loves that I want to make things for other people because it shows that I'm a caring person. <3 I think he's a keeper. :)

I'm a small town girl, raised in the country in the Midwest. We lived in Montana briefly, but I just don't care to live where there are no leaves. Yes, they have trees there, but they have needles. NOT the same by any stretch. 

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