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  1. I just went into the download area of the forum and was looking for crochet patterns. The patterns in there are described but they don't all say crochet, knit, or sew. I looked at more than a few and got frustrated. Could the titles/descriptions    include what craft is required?

    I was in the general pattern area - where there are 94 different ones.

    Thanks Mary.

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    2. MaryGlynn


      You are very welcome! Any questions like this please feel free to post them on the FAQ area under (do you have a question forum) that way other volunteers benefit from the questions and answers. This conversation is on my actual profile and others may not see it. 

      Hope the tag option is helpful

    3. Julia from NorCal

      Julia from NorCal

      Thanks. I may do that then - put this question in the FAQ area. I did see a couple of patterns that didn't have the identifying craft tag - knit, crochet, etc.

      Love the patterns in here and love HAIN.

    4. MaryGlynn


      I will work through them and make sure they are tagged correctly. I went ahead and started a post for that in the FAQ area. I am glad you brought this to my attention because there needed to be a post on this. So thank you!!

  2. Julia from NorCal

    Fairy Angel gown by Elaine Zamora

    Thank you for the explanation. I had looked at tulle at the fabric store and they were on bolts in different colors. Is the ribbon tulle different? Does it have a particular edging? I wonder if I could just buy the bolt tulle and cut it. Would that turn out the same way? The pattern is so sweet that I want to give it a try. It would be wonderful for the families. Thank you for sharing it and your answers.
  3. Julia from NorCal

    Fairy Angel gown by Elaine Zamora

    What is the width for the tulle strips? How do you pack the gowns for shipping? (avoid wrinkles for the tulle - if it does wrinkle?) It is a beautiful pattern.
  4. Hey Dawn,

    I love seeing your smiling face on your posts. I am always reminded of the wonderful yarn you sent me. You were so generous and it's been fun to work through the box and pay it forward. Thanks again,



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