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  1. Roll Call!! All respond please by end of Nov

    Mary, I am here. I will be needing a short time to get Dad situated in his chemo. Patti
  2. Beanie Bash 2016

    Diana, I have just started on some hats for the bash.
  3. July 2014 Roll Call

    Hi to all of the wonderful volunteers of HAIN, I have been keeping busy so far this summer. I found a church that is in need of grocery bags. They cut and then tie them. They are then crocheted into sleeping mats for 3rd world countries. I don't crochet but I did cut, tie and roll some for them. I have made booties, blankets, hats and did some Memory Boxes for HAIN. I also knitted 50 wash clothes and received a donation of 50 hotel size bars of soap and I donated them to a local church that hands them out to the needy and working poor.
  4. July Roll Call

    I contacted the NICU at Sanford Children's Hospital in Sioux Falls and they would love to have some of my knitted articles. I have just sent my first donation of hats for them to try and I have a contact person who work work with me on this project. I am so happy that I am able to help.
  5. April Roll Call

    I am here. Sorry that I haven't been aboard for a while, medical emergency in family and hoping that things take a turn for the best.
  6. October Roll Call

    Its October *witch* means Halloween is upon us. This is my favorite time of year. When my son was little he told me it was because then I could ride my broom legally. Now my am going to try to be serious. I am finally caught my with all my cleaning jobs not including my house, so I am hoping to pick up my needles once again. I did get a blanket knitted for my new grandson whom I am patiently waiting for. Alex's due date is Oct 20 so its right around the corner. I completed a couple more sets of booties and everything is washed and ready to go. I am waiting for a call from the Sioux Falls Hospitals to see what is needed there. Happy Halloween to all.
  7. September Roll Call

    Answering the roll call. I finished a couple of hat and booties sets, scarves for the Abuse Shelter, mailed packages 1 to a soldiers in Iraq that I just adopted, 1 to a gentleman in California that is sick and now I am working on a aghan for my new grandson who should arrive around Oct.20th.
  8. Everyone READ -Post NOT for Peggy Mcclure to read

    I talked to Mary about getting everyones signature on a card and she thought you all could just put your well wishes with your squares and whomever does the final stitching can put them in the card. Less shipping and it would all be together. I think that would be a great idea. Patty I am working on a 5x7 card that will be made especially for Peggy.
  9. Everyone READ -Post NOT for Peggy Mcclure to read

    Mary, When you know who is going to piece the squares together let me know. I am making a 5x7 card and have a friend who would design it for me. Trying to make this very special. Patty
  10. Everyone READ -Post NOT for Peggy Mcclure to read

    Hey Everyone, If its too much hassel to send your signature, I would be glad to make a big card up and when Mary gets the list of those making the afghan I could just sign it and send it to whom ever needs up with the afghan. I have heard from one person so far. Patty
  11. Everyone READ -Post NOT for Peggy Mcclure to read

    I talked to Mary about doing this and now want to suggest it to all of you. As you know, there is an afghan being made for Peggy. I would like to get a card to give her that would be signed by all of us. If you would be interested in doing this, sign a piece of paper and send it to me or take the signature and scan it and send it to me in an email. If you would just like me to sign for you let me know and I will do that for you. I will talk to Mary and see when she thinks the afghan will be completed and then I will let you know what the deadline will be to get the signatures to me. I will be sending the card to whom ever ends up with the afghan so that the card with be with it when its delievered Email address: sdridgerider@hotmail.com Snail mail: Patti Asmus 120 22nd Ave. St #123 Brookings, SD 57006 Thanks!!!!
  12. Love the hats that you made, would you tell me where you picked up the pattern for them and about what are the sizes? Thanks

  13. Sept Roll Call

    Mary, I need more than a prayer its time to call in the big man and ask for a miracle. Mom isn't helping herself to regain her strength and we still can't to chemo. I feel that she has given up. I have been doing a bunch of knitting while sitting in the hospital with her. Now we have her moved to a retirement center so hoepfully I can get more done. Love the pictures of Madie, she is one special little girl. Love all of my HAIN family.
  14. Aug ROLL CALL

    Hello to all my friends at HAIN. Its been a busy summer. I have been trying to broaden my horizons by trying new things. I started knitting again and am having alot of fun. I also bought tickets for ZZTOP and planned on sharing them with the man in my life but he had to work so I grabbed a friend and went anyway. Funny thing is I liked the concert but I don't listen to rock or blues, I am a country girl. I have to admit that it was awesome. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Here is to each and everyone of you, may God watch over us and guide us as we continue to support HAIN in anyway we can. Love ya all!!! Patty
  15. June Role Call

    Just checking in. I am working on a few baby hats.

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