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  1. Happy Birthday Cathy W

    Happy Birthday!!
  2. Good morning

    Definitely chilly there Mary! Some nights it has been in the 50's here and I was chilly and debated turning the heat on. I resisted though. Soon enough it will be running full time. It has been raining here ALL day and it's still going. I just know our basement is taking in water (I'm afraid to look since Ryan left for work). So frustrating, it happens anytime we have heavy rains like this. I started working on a preemie bunting last night. It has been such a long time since I have made gowns or anything like it. I had been hooked on blankets for awhile, so this is a nice change.
  3. September/October: HAIN Fall Tribute Challenge

    Moving this back up. What is everyone currently working on?
  4. Hello

    He is adorable!!
  5. Diana looks like your the winner

    Oh wow! Was not expecting this at all! Thank you Mary!
  6. ♡ Hello♡

    It happens Mary, I honestly just think that is life sometimes. This has been a hectic week for me also. Dealing with anxiety and migraines (so tired of it)! I am feeling a bit better today so hopefully that is behind me now. I wish I could figure out what triggers them but I have no idea and I just get frustrated trying to figure it out which leads to more stress lol. One day at a time!
  7. I came across this pattern today and though it was so cute. Thinking of trying some to donate, will probably just stitch the eyes on to avoid a choking hazard. https://www.leftinknots.com/home/2017/9/14/baby-and-me-crochet-bears
  8. Lamb

    This is really cute!
  9. It's a little sad when you have to hear people say this stuff about making burial items. I always try to look at it as it takes special people to do what we do. Most people do not understand the loss of a child or consider it taboo, but it does happen. My mother in law used to make comments as well "don't you ever get tired of making those things" "I think you spend too much time surrounded by death, it can't be good for you". I just blew it off. I lost my 2 year old son many years ago and I found it comforting to work on these items, it helped me heal and that is all that matters to me. I think sometimes people are super insensitive on this topic, but I bet their tunes would change if it happened to them or someone they know. I just carry on and think just like Dawn, these babies and their families deserve these items, they matter too!
  10. I love the club idea! I wish I could get more people to craft with me. Times like this I really miss my grandma, she would always sit and crochet with me or make memory boxes.
  11. September 2017 Roll Call

    Amazing work ladies! If any of you have pictures to share we would love to see them. It's always a nice encouragement and inspiration for others. Mary- Did your dad end up doing ok through the hurricane?
  12. Donations for Hurricane Harvey Survivors

    That's a good question Dawn. I think it would be nice to do something, but I honestly am not sure where we could send items to. Maybe we could donate locally through HAIN's name? I know we have a few places in my town that are loading semi trucks up with donations for TX and then they are heading down there.
  13. HAIN Fall Tribute Challenge

    For the months of September and October our challenge will be to work on beanies, blankets and booties for babies. We will continue to pay tribute to Mary's husband, Brian Glynn (one of HAIN's founders) through this challenge. Please join our discussion on the forum:
  14. September & October: HAIN Fall Tribute Challenge For the months of September and October our challenge will be to work on beanies, blankets and booties for babies. We will continue to pay tribute to Mary's husband, Brian Glynn (one of HAIN's founders) through this challenge. Please share here any items you make, I can't wait to see what everyone makes! The info below should be emailed to Elaine so she can keep track of donations. To help me keep up with when a donation is made to center or hospital on our spreadsheet, please email me information about your donation. All you need to do is copy and paste the information below into a blank email. Fill it out with all your information and email it to HAINCharitySec@gmail.com . That is all you need to do. *********************************************************************************************************** Date the donation was sent or received: ______ Who sent the donation? Donors Full Name: _____ Donors Full Address: ______ Donors Email (we can send receipts): ______ Donors Phone: _______ What was donated? List out donation and Fair market value of each item (i.e. 4 hats : 2.00 each): _______ Who got the donation? Receiver’s Full Name: ______ Receiver’s Full Address: _______ Receiver’s Email or Phone: _______ Any Comments: ________

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