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  1. You can give it a try.  I know I have not patience with cutting out tulle since it moves too easily.  that's why I just used the roll version and only have to cut the tulle for the length I need.  You can give it a try.  I'm sure even different shape strips would make the skirt interesting.  Have fun with it.

  2. @‌Julia from NorCal.  The tulle I used is from the wedding section in Michael's craft store that is sold in a roll that is about 6 inches in width and there are different amount of yards that the roll comes in.  I did see a wider width but I thought that might be too thick at the bodice trying to make the knot so I went with the 6 inch width.

    As for packing the tulle seems to keep the dress stiff like to just wrap up in tissue paper.  I used two tissue paper to wrap up the dress.  The length of the dress fit just fine with the tissue paper width that I did not have to fold the dress at all.  I would suggest that if you have to fold the dress anywhere I would fold it at the waist since the yarn part will not wrinkle as much as the tulle. 


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