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  1. Bi-Monthly Adoption for September-October

    THankS - I went ahead to took her off this list for now.
  2. I found this site on Pinterest and it contains several patterns. One pattern is the diapers! For anyone who wants to make sewn flannel diapers to go with their gowns and blankets here you go: http://kaitlinsangels.blogspot.com/2015/03/flannel-diapers-patterns-for-almost-all.html
  3. Hello

    Cute puppy! What did you all name him/her?
  4. Hi you all

    Good photo of you and your son! I hope his season goes well. I'm recovering from a root canal. OMG - it still is sore and if I"m not careful and chew on the wrong side BANG - pain hits. I was told it takes time for mouth to settle down. It's terrible feeling. :-(
  5. September 2017 Roll Call

    Oh, then I'm wondering why a few of the new members stated they had trouble finding where to start? Hmmm - that is odd.
  6. September 2017 Roll Call

    Mary - I see the perma link. is there a way to add more words to the link? I see the steps are a the bottom of the perma post. It's a long post and unless you scroll down you might miss them. Maybe have the link start with "New members should start here: ..... and keep the rest of the link. We should ask the new members --- did you see this perma link before you started clicking around the board?
  7. September 2017 Roll Call

    I'm still here. Just finished up a few gowns. Now working on some mini quilts. I starting working on my donation plans for 2018. Yes, I am planner. I like lists to help me see what I plan to target for 2018. Plus that will help me see what supplies I need to look for in the super sales at Joann's fabrics or at Walmart. Hey Mary --- I was thinking about the comments from some of our new members about having troubles finding info on where to start. Do you remember if there was a posting that did a basic step by step? Like Step 1: Review donation list to see what items are needed so you can decide what you wish to make. (Give link to spreadsheet and adopt a spot) Step 2: Need a pattern to get you started? Check out our member's pattern library. (give link to download area) Step 3: Make your item or items and so on. You get my drift? I think something like that where it is pinned to the top and it can give a person a place to start. Then as they get familiar with what they want to do they no longer need that posting and do their own steps. Plus the posting can be a quick table of contents to find all the necessary links, files, pictures, etc. What do you think?
  8. NEW!!! YES!!!

    Here's my thought about the clubs. I like the idea of using it for local discussions. For the members that have been with HAIN a long time, do you all remember when we used to have "regions" there would be a leader in the regional groups and from there people would work to fill that region's requests first before helping other regions? For example, Virginia, Maryland and DC was region 4 and I helped lead that region. but as time went by we had several region leaders retire and ended up having "unmanned" areas so we ended up merging everything into one group. I like the local club thing but I'm not sure how far into local grouping you want to go. As for individual clubs to use for knitting classes as one example or one on the world of memory boxes: how do you create one or tips for making one --- I'm not sure if there will be interest. I am nervous to add new things. I understand when new tools and technology comes out and it is a cool new toy to experiment with but with the one group discussion with new members mentioning that the current website is a bit confusing to navigate or find things I think less would be better. There are tons of dedicated boards out in the web that does targeted crafting / skills building tutorials so I think we should keep focused on just the NICU and Memory Box divisions.
  9. Good to know about their status. She's not due to show up on the "adopt a center" donation list until next year. I"ll go ahead and make a note to contact Stephanie in advance before sending items to her to see if she has space for new donations.
  10. To make it easier for folks to help fulfill the needs of our requests, I am spotlighting a few hospitals on the spreadsheet that have not received donations in a while. Don’t worry, you can still send your donations to other locations but if you do not have a pre-selected place, please consider one of these locations in September and October. Got Memory Boxes to send out? Please consider adopting… Nicole Chesseri, Labor & Delivery Manager c/o St. Joseph's Medical Center Hospital 703 Main Street Paterson NJ 07503 (any we can send) Pam Farley c/o Gadsden Regional Medical Center Attention: Labor & Delivery, Bereavement Dept. 1007 Goodyear Avenue Gadsden, AL 35903 (12-15 boxes per year) Christina Spencer, Manager of Volunteer Services c/o Inova Alexandria Hospital 4320 Seminary Rd Alexandria, VA 22304 (5 boxes per month) Got blankets, hats or gowns to send out? Please consider adopting… Sue Strasznski RNC c/o University Medical Center at Princeton Attn: Maternity Dept. University 1 Plainsboro Rd. Plainsboro, NJ 08536 (looking for blankets and full term gowns) Pam Farley c/o Gadsden Regional Medical Center Attention: Labor & Delivery, Bereavement Dept. 1007 Goodyear Avenue Gadsden, AL 35903 (looking in sizes micro-preemie and preemie (mostly 25-26 wks) for hats, gown that open in back and wraps in neutral, yellows, greens) Melissa Martinez c/o University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital Attn: NICU 2450 Riverside Avenue Minneapolis, MN 55454 (looking for Gowns, blankets for Boy and Girl neutral colors in newborn and smaller) Instructions: If you are looking for a place to donate but not sure where to send your item(s) to, here’s a way you can do it. There is no monthly or ongoing commitment, you just mail your donated items to one of the highlighted hospital or center. Here’s what you would do: Step 1: Make your item or items. Step 2: Pick a hospital or center from one of featured groups and mail your item(s) to them. Go to the monthly spreadsheet to confirm the type, size, and color of items they need. Step 3: Email to haincharitysec@gmail.com your donation information to Elaine for the tax donation database records. Copy and paste the below information into an email and send it to Elaine. ******************************************************************* Date the donation was sent or received: ______ Who sent the donation? Donors Full Name: _____ Donors Full Address: ______ Donors Email (we can send receipts): ______ Donors Phone: _______ What was donated? List out donation and Fair market value of each item (i.e. 4 hats : 2.00 each): _______ Who got the donation? Receiver’s Full Name: ______ Receiver’s Full Address: _______ Receiver’s Email or Phone: _______
  11. Donations for Hurricane Harvey Survivors

    I think it might be better to reach out to your local Red Cross or church groups that already have points of contact set up. I'm sure things are confusing just trying to get help to the hospitals and local medical centers. Good luck. I know my company is matching any monitory donations 100% made to the Red Cross for the TX families. Check to see if your local church group has something set up?
  12. Warning....

    Mary - here is what I see on my desktop at home, my son's laptop and my work laptop. Just the top two items and I have to scroll a lot.
  13. Click with HAIN

    Oh Joann they are so cute. I like them.
  14. Small Hems

    I have a question for members who sew. Does anyone have recommendations on how to make tiny seams and hems? I have always have a hard time getting tiny hems in on the micro-preemie outfits and I wonder if anyone had any tips to share. I just purchased a "rolled hem" foot for my sewing machine but when I tried it out I notice my machine does not allow for my needle to move to the left of right so the footer does not work for me. :-(
  15. Happy Birthday Jeanne!!

    Have a blast today! Enjoy your special day.

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