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  1. Brandi D. (AuntBrandi)

    Little Soft Waves Gown

    Thanks so much Mary!! Let me know if you find anything that needs fixed!
  2. Brandi D. (AuntBrandi)

    Little Soft Waves Gown

    Version 1.0.0


    This is the first pattern I've written! If you spot any errors, please let me know so I can fix them!
  3. Brandi D. (AuntBrandi)

    Cradle (sewn) - Elaine Zamora

    This is amazing, Elaine!
  4. Brandi D. (AuntBrandi)

    Windows Baby Blanket (crochet)

    Lovely, Cheryl! I can't wait to make one!!
  5. Very pretty!!
  6. Brandi D. (AuntBrandi)

    Old Fashioned Teddy Bear Hat (by Mary Glynn)

  7. Brandi D. (AuntBrandi)

    Fairy Angel gown by Elaine Zamora

    Elaine, did you stitch around the edges of the skirt liner to prevent fraying, or just leave the fabric as-is?
  8. Brandi D. (AuntBrandi)

    Fairy Angel gown by Elaine Zamora

    Lovely, Elaine!!
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