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  1. I just went into the download area of the forum and was looking for crochet patterns. The patterns in there are described but they don't all say crochet, knit, or sew. I looked at more than a few and got frustrated. Could the titles/descriptions    include what craft is required?

    I was in the general pattern area - where there are 94 different ones.

    Thanks Mary.

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    2. Julia from NorCal

      Julia from NorCal

      Thank you Mary. I'm familiar with some patterns by name but not all.

      I've been crocheting with some yarn I bought with the donated Walmart card. Wonderful gift for HAIN volunteers. Thank you again for sending one to me.

    3. MaryGlynn


      Tags under each pattern should show. Here is a screen shot

      Let me know if they are not. 


      I am on phone, but not sure view from computer at the moment. 

      Plus with the tags. If you click on a tag that says crochet, it should open up all crochet patterns to show that have been tagged crochet which is helpful ;)

    4. Julia from NorCal

      Julia from NorCal

      I seem them now. Thanks!

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