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      May & June Adopt a Spot Spotlight   05/01/2017

      Please read more here on the areas we are spotlighting to give to for May and June!! Neonatal and Memory Box areas of need posted together.  
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      New----> Pink and Blue for the NICU Challenge!!   05/01/2017

      Here is our challenge For the months of May and June our challenge will be to work on items that are pink and blue (to honor mother's for Mother's Day and Father's for Father's Day) No certain items needed for this challenge, you can make hats, blankets, wraps, whatever items are your favorite. 

      Please read more details and posts here:   
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      A Raffle Drawing   05/01/2017

      Read here for more detail:   
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      New --->Children's Division Challenge   05/01/2017

      Here is the New challenge for the Childrens Division http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?/forums/topic/11023-comfort-sibling-support-bag-drive/  

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  1. Buzz Buzz buzz

    Sorry you have been in pain also Mary, It's no fun! I kept thinking mine problems had been getting better, only for it to get worse for awhile. I caved and went to urgent care and they did absolutely nothing for me, not even a diagnosis. She just told me that I really need to find a primary dr. Gee thanks! Luckily my aunt suggested her Dr, so I called their office and was able to get in within 4 days (usually you wait for months around here if you are a new patient). Anyways he gave me some pills to help and sent me for x-rays. He wanted to see if the pills help me at all and if it corrects the problem then I should get better, if not then he mentioned an MRI and physical therapy. He was thinking carpal tunnel in my wrist and possibly a mild rotator cuff injury (how in the world that could be I don't know). But thankfully, the pain is getting better this time, I can actually sleep at night and my range of motion is getting better, today will be day 3 that I haven't had to take Motrin or use Ben gay or Biofreeze to get through my day. Fingers crossed it keeps improving and stays that way, the pain has been ridiculous and I just want to get back to my normal self.
  2. Helloooooo

    Hi Beth! I love your work! So glad to have you with us!
  3. Made by Mary G

    Love them!
  4. Pink & Blue for the NICU (May & June Challenge)

    Thanks for sharing the pattern, printing this one out.
  5. Good Morning

    Good afternoon! Same as usual here, cleaning, cleaning, laundry, cleaning. Ha! Hopefully sometime after ALL that fun I can sit and work on some crochet! Thankfully my arm and hand are starting to feel better so that is a plus! Still not 100% but much better than it has been!
  6. Finished items available for emergency:
  7. Great idea Mary. I'll start a list also and get working on some stuff.
  8. Good Morning!

    Morning everyone! Starting my day downing some coffee, hoping that it will give me a push. Gloomy, rainy weather outside so it's a good day to stay indoors! I'm still working on the baby blanket I started, but I am not loving it so it's taking me longer to get it done. I am still thinking about frogging it and starting over again with a different stitch. Does this happen to anyone else? I feel the more I love the stitch or the look of what I am working on I want to get it done, and if I don't it's harder to want to pick it up.
  9. Pink & Blue for the NICU (May & June Challenge)

    Those are so beautiful Cheryl!
  10. Quiet around here...

    That is awesome that your daughter got the job! My great aunt passed away from brain cancer, so I had her service to attend yesterday. They did a really nice job, just so sad to see your family getting older, or getting sick and passing away. It really reminds you to live your own life to the fullest and love those around you. I started a blanket the other night, with this carpel tunnel business, I can only do it for small periods of time. I have been debating on going to see a Dr. but I have no idea what they will even do. I have no interest in pain pills so I have just been dealing with it. Mornings are the worst for some reason, as the day goes on I get a little more movement in my hand without the pain.
  11. ♡Good Morning

    Yesterday was good, spent the day hanging out with Ryan and Madi. I got an essential oil diffuser which I am pretty excited about and also some flowers for outdoors. We did a small cookout and later went for ice cream and ate it by the lake. So happy the weather is finally warming up again. Supposed to be in the 80's for the rest of the week!
  12. Good Sunday Morning

    Definitely need to take time for yourself. I too would feel guilty about it at first, but not anymore. We gotta take care of ourselves. I'm still not working on anything. I am having a carpal tunnel episode in both hands (I blame painting those rocks) I was fine until then. Now I am spending most of my day and while I sleep in braces. I'm getting desperate but I'm sure it won't be easy to crochet while wearing the braces.
  13. Pink & Blue for the NICU (May & June Challenge)

    Love the booties Mary, they are adorable! As far as items, if everyone wants to pick a team to be on that is fine, or you can make both colors, totally up to you.
  14. Another day..good morning all

    The sun is finally out today, but it's not very warm. I know it's still early but I miss those 70's we had for awhile.
  15. May-June: Comfort/Sibling Support Bags We will be collecting items to make Comfort Bags and Sibling Support Bags. All of you are encouraged to donate to your local fire and police departments and also hospital ER's. These bags include a blanket and a soft toy (or age appropriate items for al child or teen) to help bring comfort to a child in need. You can see an example here: If you do not have a local place to donate to you can send items to headquarters. Address is on our website. Make sure to add one of our labels to each bag. You can find it here: We also need To help me keep up with when a donation is made to center or hosptial on our spreadsheet, please email me information about your donation. All you need to do is copy and paste the information below into a blank email. Fill it out with all your information and email it to HAINCharitySec@gmail.com . That is all you need to do. *********************************************************************************************************** Date the donation was sent or received: ______ Who sent the donation? Donors Full Name: _____ Donors Full Address: ______ Donors Email (we can send receipts): ______ Donors Phone: _______ What was donated? List out donation and Fair market value of each item (i.e. 4 hats : 2.00 each): _______ Who got the donation? Receiver’s Full Name: ______ Receiver’s Full Address: _______ Receiver’s Email or Phone: _______ Any Comments: ________