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      May & June Adopt a Spot Spotlight   05/01/2017

      Please read more here on the areas we are spotlighting to give to for May and June!! Neonatal and Memory Box areas of need posted together.  
    • MaryGlynn

      New----> Pink and Blue for the NICU Challenge!!   05/01/2017

      Here is our challenge For the months of May and June our challenge will be to work on items that are pink and blue (to honor mother's for Mother's Day and Father's for Father's Day) No certain items needed for this challenge, you can make hats, blankets, wraps, whatever items are your favorite. 

      Please read more details and posts here:   
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      A Raffle Drawing   05/01/2017

      Read here for more detail:   
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      New --->Children's Division Challenge   05/01/2017

      Here is the New challenge for the Childrens Division http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?/forums/topic/11023-comfort-sibling-support-bag-drive/  

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  1. Happy Birthday Diana R

    happy birthday to you!!!
  2. Buzz Buzz buzz

    Pain in any part of your body is not good. I hope you start to feel better. My little one is done with elementary! He had he promotion ceremony and since he's last name is at the end of the alphabet by the time it was his turn all the other parents in front stepped back and out of the way so I had some great photos of him walking up to the stage and shaking hands with the principal. :-) Now onto middle school. :-(
  3. Happy Birthday Mary G

    I hope you have a great birthday!!!!! My heart full of love goes out to our founder on her special day!!!!! Hugs to you!!!!
  4. Helloooooo

    Beth -- wow! You go girl! I like your color combination. Very nice. Mary - congrats to you a baby and graduation in the same week. Whew - lots of happy stuff going on.
  5. Good Afternoon

    This weekend seemed to go by in a blur. I'm glad I was able to send out a few items to a four places on the spreadsheet. I'm still keeping my new year pledge that I would mail at least 1 package or donation to every hospital on the memory box and NICU spreadsheet. I have my friends and family helping me supplied with materials to make that happen. I just need to save my cash for the postage it takes to ship each package. So far I'm drilling down the lists, slowly but I hope to meet the goal by Christmas. :-) How is everyone else doing?
  6. Little Soft Waves Gown

    This a beautiful pattern. Soft waves indeed. :-)
  7. Gotcha. Sounds like a great idea.
  8. Great. Idea! I see that the recent requests were for babies that were older. I remember I had to go on Amazon to order on overnight delivery for a newborn size dress. Boy that was craziness trying to get the dress to the parents in time for the service. I did remember however that the cost of the overnight Fedex was more than the cost of the dress. :-( If anyone has patterns for newborn size I would recommend at least having one in this size sitting in everyone's stash Wait - so the XXX's Emergency List, we are just going to keep updating the main list that we post, right? Then what is sent out we just take it off the our emergency inventory, right? Boy: Girl: Neutral:
  9. Here Ye Here Ye--- Need some suggestions...

    Oh - thank you! This is something I can do.
  10. Good Afternoon ladies

    LOL your doggie looks like he/she is getting ready to be blown away. Soooo cute. I'm going to be pretty much offline this week. I'm getting ready to start a 3 intense day of software installation training. I'm resting up right now before I hit the sack at the hotel but I wanted to check to see what everyone was doing at HAIN. Wish me luck.
  11. Happy Birthday Lady Do (Diana K)

    Happy Birthday to you!!!!
  12. Quiet around here...

    Mary - Congrats for your daughter!! Diana - I'm so sorry for your loss. Go to the doctor to see how bad your carpel tunnel is. Mine was not too bad on my right but on my left I had a cortisone shot and now I'm fine. That was 10 year ago. When I feel it starting to ache, I just put on my wrist brace for a few days and I'm ok. My mom had the surgery for her right hand and no more pain. But in her case it was the extreme. If you want to treat it naturally try icing it and work on therapy stretches. Good luck.
  13. Good Morning you all

    Yes, I agree May is a crazy month for me in fact it starts me busy time. I have 1 going away dinner, 2 weddings, 2 graduations, 1 confirmation ceremony, and 2 milestone birthdays to host parties for. I have to squeeze that in with 1 week trip for installation training I have to conduct next week and vacation in July. My charity work is going to slow down big time. :-( Well, I guess a busy summer makes it go by fast. Don't forget ladies, June 30 is the raffle drawing. make sure you email me your donation receipts. :-)
  14. Dear Elaine, Thank you so much for the beautiful donations of Heavenly Angels In Need clothes and blanket. These are a great comfort to our families in our high-risk maternal fetal medicine program who lose their babies far too soon. Thanks again, Beth