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  1. Sack Hats

    They are adorable. I love crocheting little hats. They go so fast and are so cute when they are done. Huggz, DJ in MI's U.P.
  2. Stitchin' Progess

    I have been crocheting with my new yarn. Progess has been slow, but I do have a little cocoon ready to have the ends run in and the ribbons added. I also have a hat done and another cocoon started. My work is piling up, so time to crochet is limited, but I am determined to get back to actively taking part in HAIN. It is finally summer here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and there are lots of distractions. I have a bag set up with my HAIN project and when time permits I grab it and do a few more rows. I find that even tho time is limited, it is best not to let it stop me completely from working on my projects. If I wait for long periods of time to work on it, I will never work on it. Bit by bit the projects get done. There is always a need for whatever I get done, that's for sure. I still haven't had any success at posting pictures here, I've got to find some time to look into how to do that. till next time......DJ in MI's U. P.
  3. Gettin' Stitchin'

    Thanks for the input, Diana. I will get started making hats with it for the Childrens Challenge this fall. DJ in MIs U.P.
  4. Gettin' Stitchin'

    I hope to increase my participation in HAIN activities. This blog should help with that. I recently received 3 really big skeins of yarn to use for the project of my choice. I choose HAIN. One of the skeins is camouflage print, tho. I'm not sure if that is appropriate for baby hats. If we do the winter challenge for childrens hats for 2013, maybe I can use it for little boys hats. I moved here 2 yrs. ago and still have most of my yarns and such in boxes. I really need to get busy and use some of the supplies that have been lanquishing for all this time. I hope we will have some challenges that will help get me going on HAIN projects. I will post some pics as I finish things....I created a gallery album for that purpose. Now I just need to get busy and finish something to post. till next time.......
  5. Pink & Blue Challenge

    I have been 'un-focused', myself for far too long and need an 'a-long' or something like it to get me moving again for HAIN. Huggz, DJ in MIs U.P.
  6. Boys Outfits

    So cute, I have trouble getting myself to make boy things....I love pink. I will only allow myself to make so many pink things at a time, then I must make some blue(boy) things. Otherwise, I would only do pink and lavender things and that isn't fair. I do more cocoons than sweater type things, so one way I compensate is to make white and then just use pink, lavender, mint green or blue ribbons on them. It also makes it easier to fulfill gender specific requests. I am feeling very overwhelmed right now, had to leave retirement behind and go back to work, and I'm having trouble finding time to take part in HAIN. I miss it. Sorry for the long comment. DJ in MI's U.P.
  7. I recently received a very nice thank you card from Paula. It says: "On behalf of he enitre L & D staff at the Valley Hospital, thank you for the little baby blankets. Our families and staff appreciate your love , concern and gifts. With deepest regards, Paula." It was so nice to hear that the little things I sent were needed and appreciated. Huggz to all, DJ in MI's U.P. where the snow is still 2 to 3 ft. deep in our yard. Love it!

    I'm a little rusty on working the HAIN forums, so I hope I did this right. Dawn, that was so nice to read the thank you note that you posted. I was wondering what size your micro hats are. Would you be able to share the yarn name, stitches, rows, and such. I, too always wonder if I'm making things the right size. Hugs, DJ in Michigan's Upper Penninsula