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      May & June Adopt a Spot Spotlight   05/01/2017

      Please read more here on the areas we are spotlighting to give to for May and June!! Neonatal and Memory Box areas of need posted together.  
    • MaryGlynn

      New----> Pink and Blue for the NICU Challenge!!   05/01/2017

      Here is our challenge For the months of May and June our challenge will be to work on items that are pink and blue (to honor mother's for Mother's Day and Father's for Father's Day) No certain items needed for this challenge, you can make hats, blankets, wraps, whatever items are your favorite. 

      Please read more details and posts here:   
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      A Raffle Drawing   05/01/2017

      Read here for more detail:   
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      New --->Children's Division Challenge   05/01/2017

      Here is the New challenge for the Childrens Division http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?/forums/topic/11023-comfort-sibling-support-bag-drive/  

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  1. Pink & Blue for the NICU (May & June Challenge)

    Here are two blankets I've crocheted for this challenge. They are both newborn size. Hope everyone else is working up some blue and pink items
  2. Good Afternoon ladies

    Isn't the weather crazy, Mary! I can't seem to put my winter clothes away ... shorts and t-shirt today and will probably need my wool socks again before July LOL! My husband and I took advantage of the nice weather and went to the beach. It was so nice to just walk every day and not have all the yard work and house work yelling at me to get busy Very relaxing. Even got in a bit of crochet. Here's a picture of the two of us and one of our dogs.
  3. Good Morning you all

    Elaine ... this list makes me so tired just reading it LOL! Praying all those events go smoothly for you. You will really be ready for your vacation in July!!
  4. Quiet around here...

    Congratulations to your daughter, Mary! That is so exciting for her (and you)
  5. Quiet around here...

    Still here Mary ... your family is amazing!! What a testament to a loving home that young lady is ... being one of the first in her family to graduate is so awesome. I truly think that we, as mom's, are busier with teenagers than we were with toddlers. Maybe it's just a different kind of busy. I find I was running them around to different activities and waiting around a lot. I was so thankful (and worried) when they finally got their drivers licenses It will be weird for me come this September with both girls at college ... just me and the dogs during the day. I'm so thankful that I started a business and have that to keep me busy during the day! Your photography will get going, Mary! I finished a baby blanket the other day and have started another one. Will take pictures and post sometime soon Have a wonderful day everyone!!
  6. Morning

    Your mother's day sounds wonderful, Mary! I had a good one too ... my oldest surprised me by coming home to visit on Sunday afternoon. I had no idea she was coming It was so nice to visit with her and her boyfriend for a few hours. I think having my family around (especially now that they are older) is the best mother's day! My husband also brought me cut tulips that are so pretty.
  7. Morning

    Beautiful, Elaine!! Mary, I'm so happy that the photography session worked out for you! Praying for nice weather next weekend And I loved the apron your son made you ... how sweet is that! You've raised amazing kids!! Hope your mother's day was perfect yesterday!!
  8. Pink & Blue for the NICU (May & June Challenge)

    Love these, Mary!
  9. Pink & Blue for the NICU (May & June Challenge)

    Love your booties, Mary! Excited to see the gown you create, Brandi. It's so fun making up our own patterns My blanket is coming along slowly ... almost ready to start the edging.
  10. Another day..good morning all

    Good morning to you, Mary. Enjoy the time with your oldest. Is he visiting just for the weekend? My oldest is coming today (just for the weekend) with her boyfriend to visit. It's always nice when they "want" to come home. Sun is trying to shine ... it's going to be a great day!!! ~hugs~
  11. Well good morning

    Thank you, Jo Ann!! Enjoy planting your flowers and digging in the dirt I received a few tomato and pepper plants yesterday but am going to hold off on planting them for a bit longer. I think they will be shocked at our cold weather LOL! We had a big lightening storm here too, Mary. Probably the same one you had just moving up the coast I'm looking forward to seeing your pictures!!
  12. Well good morning

    Your chicks and ducklings sound adorable, Mary! Crocheting here today ... ~hugs~
  13. Are you busy? Morning all

    Thanks, Mary ... I will post a link though it's not available until November Some magazines even want their samples a whole year ahead of time. Hugs back to you!
  14. ONE HOUR A DAY CHALLENGE. Who is with me?

    Such an awesome idea ... thank you, Elaine!! Even 30 minutes out of my day would make a difference
  15. Are you busy? Morning all

    Busy here as usual I hope you are feeling better, Mary and the cold is leaving you! I have one graduating high school this year so I hear you on all that goes into this. Prom, ceremonies, assemblies, grad party .... so much to keep track of. This is my youngest so I'm trying to cherish this time as I know we won't be going through it again. Though I have to say I will be so thankful to be done with all the politics at the high school!! Excited to see what you come up with for your gown, Mary! Sometimes I think when my brain is full it's nice to just work from a pattern then I don't have to think so much LOL!! I started on a newborn size crochet blanket in blue but am now not sure I will get it finished for this challenge. One of my other designs was accepted into an online magazine so I need to focus on that to get it crocheted and the pattern written up. Sunny and really warm here today ... after all the cold and wet I'm not sure how I feel about it being so hot .... can't the weather just be moderate LOL! Back to cold and the 50's tomorrow ... 25 degree temperature swings are just crazy!! Hope everyone else is getting some crafting time today!!