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      Our New Challenge and Adopt a Spot .. coming soon   04/14/2017

      Coming soon we will be posting our next challenge and our next adopt a spot locations! We will be spot lighting a few hospitals that need our support! Plus an exciting challenge is coming up as well! We now have all of these conversation in one location (besides the Calendar).  Here is the link http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?/forums/forum/249-challenges-adopt-a-spot/ For a reminder the forum for that us now located above the general discussions forum. Check back soon! Also its not to late to get on board for the current challenges and adopt a spot needs! 

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  1. Back to HAIN..

    That's pretty much it, Mary ... just knit/crochet projects for my photography. My husband always took the photos of the kids doing their activities as he was better at that. I like my subjects to be still LOL!! There's a free online photography class that is weekly that I've been participating in and it's helped lots .... when I actually do the homework It's here A Year With My Camera if anyone is interested. I think you can still sign up.
  2. Back to HAIN..

    Thank you, Jo Ann! I love trying to be a bit creative with the photos and recently got a new lens to play around with Like knitting/crochet, it's fun to play with the photography too!
  3. Back to HAIN..

    I'm with you on the rain, Mary! I can hardly wait for it to warm up and be sunny for more than a day at a time I'm also excited for you to start your photography class. I hope you will post about it on here! I'm crocheting another baby blanket at the moment and also have a few other knitting things on the needles. I'm feeling like I have startitis ... want to cast on a whole lot of pretty things when I've already got a bunch of projects to finish! Happy Knitting/Crocheting!
  4. Windows Baby Blanket (crochet)

    Windows Baby Blanket View File Quick and easy baby blanket perfect for the new baby in your family. Available in preemie and newborn sizes. SKILLS REQUIRED Chain, single, and double crochet SIZE Small Preemie approximately 18” x 18” Large Preemie approximately 24” x 24” Newborn approximately 36" x 36” YARN REQUIREMENTS 325 (570, 1300) yards DK weight yarn. Sample uses 4 balls of Marks & Kattens Carolina; 100% Acrylic; 142 yards in 50g; Color 202 (natural) HOOK SIZE 4.5 mm (between G and H US hook size) GAUGE 4 double crochets in 1 inch One repeat of pattern (12 stitches) is 3 inches OTHER MATERIALS Blunt needle to weave in ends Submitter Cheryl Chow Submitted 04/17/2017 Category HAIN Patterns (Private, members only)  
  5. Something personal..

    Love, love, love your photos, Mary! I'm so happy for you taking the next step with your photography. Praying for you!!
  6. Annual HAIN Baby Shower March-April

    Preemie size is perfect. Thanks for making a blanket for this challenge!
  7. Hello. I just wanted to thank you so very much for the lovely blankets and other gift items sent for our little NICU angels. The gifts bring great comfort to the babies’ families and are appreciated very much. Merry Christmas to you all! Beth Beth A. DeHoff NICU Nest Family Support Coordinator – Riley
  8. Warning spammers

    I agree, Dawn!! Or knit/crochet a hat for a baby in need rather than spending time annoying others
  9. Having some trouble with links

    They don't work for me either, Brandi, Unfortunately I don't have any idea how to fix it. Hopefully Mary or Diana will see this and know what to do.
  10. Boys Outfits

    Thanks, Jen! Have you seen this cute outfit? Kinzie Baby Romper It's not separates but is really cute and shouldn't be too hard to get baby into. ~Cheryl
  11. Can you see?

    I can see the bonnet picture, Mary! Adorable!!
  12. I will be working on

    Mary ... you can use any of my free baby patterns if you like. You can find them on Ravelry under my name. I had started another blanket pattern but never finished it. I will see about resurrecting it and getting it finished up.
  13. HAIN Winter Games 2015

    That little hat is adorable, Brandi!

    I agree, Mary! I've sent an email to Amy to see what she says .... Since she seemed to think NILMDTS needed our help in Colorado still. Here is Amy's first email to me requesting donations (I did add her request to our spreadsheets) ... My name is Amy Jackson and I am the in-kind donations lead for the Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep Remembrance program in Colorado. This program provides bereavement care packages to Colorado hospitals; we make and distribute approximately 200 per quarter. Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep 2305 E. Arapahoe Road, Suite 220 Centennial, CO 80122 Carepackages@nilmdts.org 720-283-3339 http://nilmdtsremembrance.org We need knit, crochet, or sewn blankets no larger than 20" x 20" and a solid color on at least one side (only if sewn, variegated yarn is okay. This aids the photographers). We also need knit or crochet newborn hats. We need a variety of boy, girl and gender neutral colors: pink, blue, green, yellow, white, cream, etc Thank you, Amy Jackson

    Should I go ahead an remove all the NILMDTS request from the spreadsheets? At the beginning of August I had a lady (Amy Jackson) ask me on behalf of NILMDTS for donations in Colorado ...She said they needed 200 items per quarter. The email she gave was carepackages@nilmdts.org so it makes me think they still wanted our help, just through a more streamlined route rather than to each photographer.