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    • MaryGlynn

      Adopt a Spot July & August   07/01/2017

      Read more about places we have adopted to focus on in our giving July through August. http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?/forums/topic/11091-bi-monthly-adoption-for-julyaugust-2017/
    • MaryGlynn

      CLICK WITH HAIN (Purple hats 4 awareness)   07/01/2017

      Please read more about how we can bring awareness and warm heads if babies. http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?/forums/topic/11093-click-with-hain/
    • MaryGlynn

      Sharing your story with us   07/02/2017

      Infant loss is devastating. If you are here do to the loss of your precious baby we are so deeply sorry for your loss.  Sometimes it feels good to just share your hurt, and heartache with others who understand what you are going through.  Here is a place to share your story.. http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?/forums/forum/260-an-angels-passing-sharing-your-story/ You can also share pictures and more. With your story if you give us permission to share, we will make a special blog post here in HAIN. We call the blog "an angels passing. " We may also use it in a newsletter article. But only with your permission. Note you can still share your story and we will not share it without your permission to do so first.  
    • MaryGlynn

      School Supply Drive   07/04/2017

      Every year we collect school supplies for children who need them.  Learn more about it here: http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?/forums/topic/11095-school-supply-drive-2017/

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  1. Happy Birthday Diana R

    Hope you had an amazing birthday, Diana!!
  2. Buzz Buzz buzz

    Good morning, Mary! I'm so sorry that you have been in so much pain. Praying for healing for you and for your kids in their new adventure. Last graduation for this year tonight at a community college. My youngest got an AS and is participating in the ceremony. So happy to have both my kids graduated and on to their next adventures. Haven't been doing any knitting/crocheting for HAIN lately. Still working away on a large crochet blanket that needs to be complete in 3 weeks. After that I hope to do a few more baby things. Hope everyone is doing well!!
  3. Helloooooo

    Welcome, Beth. Love your crochet work!!
  4. Happy Birthday Mary G

    Happy belated birthday, Mary! I hope you had a wonderful day celebrating with your family and friends!
  5. Helloooooo

    Congratulations to your niece, Mary! So fun to have a new baby in your family Graduation here today too. The school has it outside in their football/track field which is crazy but they've done this for many, many years. It's supposed to rain and have lightening so a few prayers for the lightening to stay away from 6pm to 9pm tonight would be really appreciated and for the weather to stay dry would be even better. I hope your graduation is really special Mary ... it's so fun to see our kids moving on to their next adventure in their lives. What did you decide to make for your knit project?
  6. Afternoon all

    Crafting is slow here, Mary I have 2 graduations + parties and my parents are coming to stay through the weekend tomorrow. Cleaning the house ... at least it get's a good clean once or twice a year when they come to visit LOL! Love your items for the Jerome Box. So pretty!
  7. Pink & Blue for the NICU (May & June Challenge)

    Thanks, Mary! I'm enjoying working on a few little baby things
  8. Made by Mary G

    Love these buntings, Mary!
  9. Made by Cheryl C

    Thank you, Brandi!!
  10. Pink & Blue for the NICU (May & June Challenge)

    Thanks, Diana!! I've finished two little outfits. I think they will fit about a 5lb preemie. The little boy pattern is free and found here Just Crochet Jumpsuit. For the girl's one I just kept working the shell pattern without splitting for the legs and the hats are just a basic hat with the lace pattern worked in the round. I plan to save these two in case there's an individual request that can use them. Sorry the photos end up being so large!!
  11. Happy Birthday Anna V.

    Have a great birthday, Anna!
  12. Little Soft Waves Gown

    Adorable, Brand!!
  13. Pink & Blue for the NICU (May & June Challenge)

    Here are two blankets I've crocheted for this challenge. They are both newborn size. Hope everyone else is working up some blue and pink items
  14. Good Afternoon ladies

    Isn't the weather crazy, Mary! I can't seem to put my winter clothes away ... shorts and t-shirt today and will probably need my wool socks again before July LOL! My husband and I took advantage of the nice weather and went to the beach. It was so nice to just walk every day and not have all the yard work and house work yelling at me to get busy Very relaxing. Even got in a bit of crochet. Here's a picture of the two of us and one of our dogs.
  15. Good Morning you all

    Elaine ... this list makes me so tired just reading it LOL! Praying all those events go smoothly for you. You will really be ready for your vacation in July!!

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