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  1. Good Morning..still here HA

    Brandi, will pray for his safety. Sure looks nasty there right now. I am home now. Sad but couldnt stay gone to long from home. I hope you get time to knit. Sounds relaxing. I may just go ahead and start something myself.
  2. Thank you Brandi

    They never said. Maybe one from before and is just now using one of the donations.
  3. My name is Leslie Hayden. I am 29 years old and I live in Christopher, IL. I have a 3.5 year old daughter and two fur babies, Shiloh and Lucy. My hobbies include homeschooling my daughter, crafts, reading, and knitting. My daughter was a nicu baby when she was born and during her time there she received a pink fleece blanket. It wasn't much but as a first time mom with a sick child it meant the world. I joined Hain because I wanted to give back in honor of my daughter. I wanted to give something to those mom's and dad's who may be going through the same thing my daughter and I did when she was born. It may not be a lot to give a hat or mittens etc but I believe it does provide some form of comfort.
  4. Tracy Coulter sent out 31 hats. Just wanted to put this in the numbers
  5. Super excited to announce...

    Oh thank you, yes in HAIN's first years we were listed on many sites. I will have them update, thank you so much!! Okay wrote for an update
  6. Revieved this email below "Brandi D, I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the colorful layette you made, I used it for a 19 week baby this evening and it is absolutely beautiful. Ellie"
  7. Good Morning..still here HA

    Hi ladies, I am at my sisters. I got up earlier than her so decided its the perfect time to write my morning hello. Yesterday I took my sis out to eat, felt good to treat her. I am was hoping to capture some good photos. I had cramps so bad and the weather was not as planned. But at least the visit has been good. I am missing spring weather. It has rained so much and been in low temps not even the flowers are blooming like they should. I will be on a little later and post more. Hope all is well with you all today.
  8. Sunshine

    Stay safe you all. I love thunderstorms, just not the severe weather that can come with them. JoAnn my kids are probably more happy for the break than me hahaha No actually I am having a great time!!
  9. Thank you. This hat is so soft.
  10. Volunteer spotlight...thanks

    Basically send me an email with a picture of you. Or one with you in it. One you do not not mind me sharing on our blog. A who you are, tell us about you. Than a why you joined HAIN, what you like to make the most or whatever you wish to write. Even if its a story that hit home with you. Its open to your hearts desire. Can be as long as you wish. Send it to I will be posting 1 a month
  11. Sunshine

    Hi ladies, Its getting quiet around here again. Am seeing my own post more and more. So how are you? Here in a bit I go to my sisters for a night just because. My kids are all old enough to watch themselves for a night. Well since 3 in the house are adult age now. One is almost 16. Anyway I am happy to go visit. She lives near Salem. Not much to report. I hope to hear more from you all. 😁
  12. Not a good picture at all. My lamp by my chair had to suffice. Or I would have taken picture in day light. Its actually a cream color and a rich dark purple color. (Its much cuter in person) But another done. I will be at my sisters this weekend so that will be all for me on hat challenge. Unless I sneak something in by Sunday.
  13. Volunteer spotlight...thanks

    Just a reminder. I would love to hear from you. Thank you
  14. Slept in Yes, Good Morning

    Good Morning ladies, Well as the title says I slept in. Matter of fact I went to bed early last night and sat in my bed and read some. Felt kind of good. Yesterday was a photography class day. It was camera basics. Much of it I knew, but was surprised on how much I did not know. I wrote 4 pages of notes haha, now to read it afterword is another story. Which reminds me of my notes when I am designing a pattern. Haha Though over the years of making them I usually write out row by row as I am making it. I have also been known to make simple drawings of what it looks like in my head before I make it, haha now my drawings look pretty bad. My kids did not get their art skills by me for sure. Did you all check out Elaines new pattern? Oh my goodness how precious is that!! My little finches are enjoying the sunshine, well the peaks of it coming into their cage. Love my finches. Today I will get to knitting. Blessings
  15. Cradle Sewn

    Thank you so much for sharing this!! I love it.