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    Checking in. Sent a box of blankets out a few weeks ago. Got sidetracked making a blanket for my cousin's shower. Will start a blanket for Hain by next week.
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    Hello Mary and all, I am almost finished making hats for veterans for another charity group, just have one more and then I'll take to the lady collecting them, she lives pretty close to me. Then I will try to do more for HAIN.
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    I have finished crocheting 3 little dresses and a hat. Will be hopefully finished with a blanket soon.
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    6 boxes went to the PO today. Sent my items list to Elaine. Pictures are on mom's camera so will have to get them from her some time. Since I was several months behind in shipping....we spread out the gowns on the table then bagged them up. Sorted them by size and put into big boxes. We did the same for the blankets, stacking them on my couch. Then we started filling "orders" by grabbing the needed gowns or blankets. Six orders were completed. There are other boxes waiting for some more gowns to be finished. This is who we sent to today. - Kettering Medical Center, Kettering OH - St Joseph's Medical Center Hospital, Paterson NJ - Richland Memorial Hospital, Olney IL - Norton Woman's & Children's Hospital, Louisville KY - AMITA Health Adventist Medical Center, Bolingbrook IL - Indiana University School of Medicine, Indianapolis IN
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    Last night, I took pics of 2 sets of burial gowns that I created from 2 separate dresses. When I sent the pics to the ladies who gave me the gowns, they were amazed and in awe that their dresses created such items.
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    I am just seeing this post. I can't even count the number of women I have met thru my journey that have cried on my shoulder literally or even just cried thru the computer. I live on a military base & one of the wives brought me a gown in memory of her own lil angel who was stillborn. She wears his ashes around her neck. She actually stopped by before I got home and told my husband she would come back in about an hour or so. When I got home, my husband said "She looks like she really just needs to talk". He was right. I took her to my sewing room & showed her some of my lil creations and even let her hold my Molly's Bears I had made in memory of my own angels. I just held her when she cried. I know the main reason I started making burial gowns was to heal my own heart after my losses. This has been very therapeutic for me. It is STILL very soothing to me when I am anxious or upset.
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    Thank you, Jo Ann! I love trying to be a bit creative with the photos and recently got a new lens to play around with Like knitting/crochet, it's fun to play with the photography too!
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    I got Mary's letter. I love her patterns and used to make them all the time. I am trying to get back to knitting and crocheting. Hope to join you all soon. Nancy Miller
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    Hi everyone! I am new to HAIN and excited to be starting on preemie hats and sibling bags. My sistes and I are looking forward to carrying on the sewing circle our grandmothers and mom had and giving back to those in need.
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    Hi everyone, I sent some things for donation out last month so have started working on hats for the next batch. I like making preemie items because I can take the work with me. Saw a T-shirt that said, "If I can't take my yarn I'm not going."
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    So sorry that I've been so sidetracked by not keeping in touch nor making contributions in this area. I also make pillow cases and quilts for charity donations. I actually got to my toy makers group. It meets at hospital in Dunn and we make small cloth toys to donate to departments in hospital. Fun group. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers as I have some physical problems that I'm battling through.
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    HI, I'm still here have six memory boxes made up and now have to decide where I will be sending them. Hope to get them on their way sometime soon. Seems like lately things keep popping up that prevent me from getting organized. Hope everyone has a Happy Easter.
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    I finished a hat, cast on another (car passenger time, mostly) and added it to the collection I haven't yet mailed out, but haven't been knitting a lot, certainly not as much as I used to before breaking that bone in my hand last August. I've made some progress on a blanket for my gift stash (probably for my neighbor's daughter, getting married in June but likely to come home from honeymoon planning a baby shower). My "fall coat" -- still pending ripping back and reknitting the first sleeve since it's too tight (and then the second, of course). Etc. Mostly not a lot of knitting time. Mostly, I knit in small bits and pieces of time and rest in between. I do keep up with HAIN!
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    I am still here and check in occasionally. I am making blankets for my nieces' birthdays so I haven't had time to do much else. It will take awhile. I still have some finished items to ship, I just never seem to get to it. I need to get it together! As always, you all are doing a great job.🤗 ~diana