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    Hey Mary and all - My husband and I just returned from a 10 day road trip from Georgia to New England. I loved the scenery and the wonderful crochet time making preemie blankets. I've been using various crochet stitches with a Loops $ Threads yarn called Kia. The yarn is very soft and the colors are so pleasing. I have 3 preemie blanket/hat sets ready to go. I'll send a flannel blanket to use with the blankets i needed as a wrap for the tiny babies. Anne - mother of a preemie who is now 38 years old. Very blessed.
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    Hello I want to share a thank you note that I just received from the Women and Children's Hospital in Charleston, West Virginia. I wasn't expecting to hear back being that they are in the middle of receiving, sorting, and distributing donations for the campaign. I was such a nice surprised to receive the card in the mail. To Jo Ann and HAIN Thank you for the 22 hats for our Click Campaign. I really like the multicolored caps. We appreciate the work of your volunteers and your willingness to donate to our program. Best regards, Kelly Gilbert, RN
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    Hello everyone, Today at 3 I get to see again Anna V, a HAIN member since almost it's founding. I always love meeting or seeing HAIN members. So it's a bit chilly out at the moment. The puppy we got is so CUTE. Sweetest little guy ever. We just love him. Anyway I do hope all of you are having a great day!!
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    I found this site on Pinterest and it contains several patterns. One pattern is the diapers! For anyone who wants to make sewn flannel diapers to go with their gowns and blankets here you go: http://kaitlinsangels.blogspot.com/2015/03/flannel-diapers-patterns-for-almost-all.html
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    Hello! How did you all package your hats? Does each hat go a baggie with a label? Hi Again! I went back to the Click for Babies web site discussion board and found that someone had asked about how to package the hats. Here is what I found and the reply: • Reply Hello Donna, please feel free to pack them in one large ziploc bag. Our state leads in each participating jurisdiction will organize them and get them ready to be sent out to the hospitals. Of course I will include HAINs information in the package.
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    This month, I made a dozen 14-16 week flannel preemie gown, diaper, hat, and blanket sets. I've made 5 gowns out of agorgeous wedding gown I purchased, can you believe it...in the Halloween costume section of Goodwill. I finished 2 Moses baskets. I've got a few more pieces to finish up, then I'll decide where to send them. Found some adorable flannels yesterday, and I see yarn is on sale at Michael's, so I'll be making up some layettes in a bigger size this month. I found a cute sewing pattern on another site. It was a bit complicated to put together, so I was really disappointed that when it was done, I realized the neck opening was waaaaaay too wide. I'm pondering how I'm going to fix that!
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    You have two months to save patterns, archived newsletters or whatever before they are no longer here, I suggest you do all if you wish. Making HAIN no longer does not mean in my private life HAIN will not exist. Means I will still personally at home continue and still send my labels etc..obviously making baby thing's will always be apart of me. I have no interest joining other orgs, it would sting to much. I am going to continue just not a public presence. Anyway my point is there are lots to save. Note the patterns people donated to HAIN are NOT allowed to be shared with other charities or people without personal permission of the person who donated them to us. I still respect the donor of them. I will continue to keep the domain name for a few years so no-one in the near future can use it. To protect the legacy of HAIN and my story and why it was started. It's to confusing to the public eye. Just giving a heads up. Loves

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