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Dear Volunteers,

New Members

Thank you for being a member of Heavenly angels in need. We hope you find H.A.I.N. as friendly, family orientated, personal but also professional.

We are striving to make our forum set up in such a way that its professional and easy enough to learn and use. Forums are not easy to learn if you are new to them, but with time you will be able to whip around like its nothing at all. In our welcome forum you will find a welcome letter that gives you links to every forum we have: http://www.haincraft...?showtopic=7214

Once you are registered and have logged in we ask that you go through our FAQ forums: http://www.haincraft...p?showforum=177 these forums not only tell you how to post, where to post, how to post pictures, and so much more. Start there first!

Please feel free to take your time to learn things and read through our forum. Do not be afraid to ask questions if you need to.

Please also note this: http://www.haincraft...?showtopic=8362

Members of H.A.I.N.

Thank you so much for your heart and dedication to Heavenly angels in need. You are what makes HAIN. You make us successful in reaching families. Its your dedication, love, compassion and heart that makes HAIN a one of a kind organization. We truely care about who we serve. I would not want anyone here with us if they are not here because they care. We believe in quality not quantity. We believe in giving items we would want given to us if we were in the same shoes as who we are serving.

Please make sure to follow the washing instructions we have provided for you to use: http://www.haincraft...p?showforum=214

Guidelines to go by on our forum and when representing HAIN.

1. That you post at least 1 time a month to be considered an active member of HAIN. We made it conveniant and do a roll call, which is included in a link in our monthly e-blast newsletter we send to your email inbox monthly (make sure to put info@heavenlyangelsinneed.com) as a safe email.

2. We do not post political type posts that may causes controversy.

3. We do not personally attack other members on the forum board. We are all allowed our own personal beliefs, political, religious, and other beliefs, but we do not allow you to have a heated discussion on the forum board. Though we do have a prayer request area and other area's we do not argue about our beliefs here.

4. If you do not agree with a donation request, this is fine and you have that right to your own opinion, but this is the choice of the other members to decide who to give too and what need or request. HAIN as a whole should not be judged for this personal choice of whom our members give to. We give to all who request. Babies (all gestation's) all races, genders and all financial back grounds. Though we are a pro-life organization we do not believe in turning down the baby because of how it was born. All babies deserve dignity and have the right to be buried in a beautiful gown. We believe in life and the innocents of this life. That is part of our witness.

5. Though you are welcome to post about your personal life, we also ask that you do not post the personal arguments or personal conversations ( i.e. my mom was mad at me and she said such and such and I said such and such etc...) this is ok but as long as it does not take over the forum and as long as it does not take away what HAIN is here for and that is the babies and children we serve. Keeping focus on what we are here for is important. However we do have a personal (un HAIN related forum) you are welcome to use: http://www.haincraft...p?showforum=225

6. We do not allow or tolerate cussing or foul language on our forum board.

Removal of membership

by headquarters or on your own

1. You are not allowed to post a post of why you are leaving if its posted in such a way of a personal attack, or the character of Heavenly angels in need charity.

2. You are not allowed to write members to sway them to remove themselves from HAIN. When leaving HAIN you are leaving HAIN and its members. Collecting emails to later ruin the character of an organization/person is not ethical. HAIN does not tolerate gossip of any kind. (privacy conflict)

3. If leaving HAIN you are not allowed to keep personal information and data of HAIN organization and or its members. This includes our donation request contacts information etc..

4. You are not allowed to post or personally attack HAIN outside of HAIN (on other organization sites, forums, public area's, or social networks) this is unethical.

More will be added..soon

Important Information

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