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      May & June Adopt a Spot Spotlight   05/01/2017

      Please read more here on the areas we are spotlighting to give to for May and June!! Neonatal and Memory Box areas of need posted together.  
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      New----> Pink and Blue for the NICU Challenge!!   05/01/2017

      Here is our challenge For the months of May and June our challenge will be to work on items that are pink and blue (to honor mother's for Mother's Day and Father's for Father's Day) No certain items needed for this challenge, you can make hats, blankets, wraps, whatever items are your favorite. 

      Please read more details and posts here:   
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      A Raffle Drawing   05/01/2017

      Read here for more detail:   
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      New --->Children's Division Challenge   05/01/2017

      Here is the New challenge for the Childrens Division http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?/forums/topic/11023-comfort-sibling-support-bag-drive/  

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2 hours ago, Cheryl Chow said:

Love these buntings, Mary! 

They are the Susan Tanly patterns in our HAIN pattern area. Micro preemie buntings. I modified them by not doing hood, but did a few rows of double rib and then bound off. 

The girl one I just knit the entire row that was for putting ribbon through (eyelet row).

The pattern was so fast and simple.

The hats were CO 30, size 5 needles. Basic hat pattern I made up as I went. As you probably do that too as you also have made so many it doesn't take a pattern for me anymore ;)


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