It will not stop me..

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Of course a have a cold...arg!

But it will not stop me!

I do not have time to do everything I need to do, between house cleaning and maintaining.

But it will not stop me!

I am so busy with 4 teenagers in the house, 2 of them graduating in June, then prom, then on and on. To focus on anything I really really need to get done.

But it will not stop me!

I have my property taxes due, but each month another expense comes up that seems to take importance.

But that will not stop me!

I have a photography class I added to my already busy plate..yikes

But that will not stop me!

Being tired when going to my bed early so I can make sure to listen to my bible (yes listen, as reading makes it hard not to sleep) so I listen and read. Its hard to be consistant (something I need to do for my spirit). Sometimes sleep is calling though.

But that will not stop me!

Lots to do here on HAIN (Website things) and the other things I said I would do..but put off... :( sorry

But that will not stop me!

I am an owner of many animal kids, dogs, cats, birds, farm animals and without Brian a small farm to maintain myself (once kids habe left the nest) 

But that will not stop me!

The list goes on...

My point is to encourage you and let you know we are here to encourage, support, love and bring joy into one anothers lives. I have many things I must do in my life, things that keep me drawn away, focused on. I can tell you that the joy of setting all the things that consume me and just knit a baby hat and see it done. It brings a spark of hope and joy to me. 

To get on here and see HAIN ladies posting, all have no idea the joy you have brought to my heart. I missed HAIN so much. We have an opprotunity to breath life back into it. Slowly but surely we are resitating it. Please do not give up now!

Lets make it a pact? 

That will not stop us!!!


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