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    1. MaryGlynn
      Latest Entry

      By MaryGlynn,



      My name is Leslie Hayden. I am 29 years old and I live in Christopher, IL. I have a 3.5 year old daughter and two fur babies, Shiloh and Lucy.

      My hobbies include homeschooling my daughter, crafts, reading, and knitting. My daughter was a nicu baby when she was born and during her time there she received a pink fleece blanket. It wasn't much but as a first time mom with a sick child it meant the world.
      I joined Hain because I wanted to give back in honor of my daughter. I wanted to give something to those mom's and dad's who may be going through the same thing my daughter and I did when she was born. It may not be a lot to give a hat or mittens etc but I believe it does provide some form of comfort. 


    2. Packing Day

      by JenR

      Mom had been busily stitching gown sets and sewing blankets for months.  One day she called to say that all of the shirt boxes she used to store the completed sets in were full.  It was time for a packing day.

      The sets were lined up on the table waiting to be put into bags.  Next, the pins indicating the size needed to be removed.

      (Picture 1)

      The labels on the bags were filled in with the gestation week size plus if a hat or bonnet were included, then a business card for HAIN and each gown set went into the bag.

      (Picture 2)

      Next the sets were sorted by size and put into piles.  The same was done for the blankets.

      (Picture 3)

      Consulting the needs sheet, gown sets and or blankets were pulled accordingly and put into boxes for mailing.  A letter to the recipient with the box’s contents was typed up and included.  Taped shut and addressed, off to the post office the boxes went.  Some recipients would send an email indicating the box arrived safely, while others would take the time to handwrite a note of appreciation and thanks.  Even if no response comes, it still makes us feel good knowing that all those hours spent on packing day provided another family with a handmade item and hopefully a small amount of comfort in their time of need.






    3. Well I figured I would use my own blog on here to post about my photography as some of you asked if I would.

      As many of you know I have been delving into photography as I was inspired by the charity NILMDTS. In hopes one day I would be professional enough to capture memories for grieving familes and offer my service.

      Well my journey has been slow going. I have delved into learning, I have book that college courses use for the subject. I have watched videos, I have read, I have practiced. But as you know I have never delved into it super deep, meaning as a career. I figured one day when Brian retired and we didnt focus on his career then maybe just maybe..

      After all we had all the time in the world, right? I have been a home mom, pretty much almost our entire almost 23 year marriage. I had Justen at 17, married Brian when I was 19. Worked some in the beggining but due to abuse of baby sitter we decided together that we felt better if we never put our children through what we went through. So we made that choice. Which I do not regret.

      However Brian passed away. I had no career, no job experiance (but my early 20s, I am now in my 40s), the thought of doing everything we dreamed of together alone became a nightmare, fear like no other, worry and more fear. Luckily my husband had life insurance (we both did, after all we have kids), something I used to tell him I hated him having because we never would need it and the thought of him passing wasnt something I ever wanted to think about. 

      I was able to pay off house, put money back. I now realize that it was time to go ahead and take my photography more serious. So I joined a 12 week course. Though I admit I am scared. I need to do this for me, and for our kids. I want them to know that no matter what trials we face, we can do this. We can survive this. I am all they have now. And its hard folks, it really is. There are times I feel like I am failing them and doing this alone makes my heart sink so deeply in hurt. 

      How I miss my husband so badly it hurts to my core.

      Do you know that in all the years together we never had a professional family picture done? How I regret thst now.

      My mission is to make sure that never happens to anyone I come across. One can never get that back. I habe no real good pictures to hang on my walls of all of us. I encourage you all to go get pictures taken!! 

      Also to print your phone pictures. Go to have them print your pictures. They have an app. Do it. Save them!

      Anyway sorry about rambling in this post..

      I will start posting more about photography. But for now thank you for reading this.

    4. You are welcome to join us in our challenges and adopt a spot focus areas.

      Plus the annual challenges!! 

      All discussions for these will be posted here.


    5. Diana Richie's Blog

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      Diana Richie
      Latest Entry

      By Diana Richie,

      There is just something about digging through your yarn and planning out things to make for babies. Crocheting baby blankets is probably my favorite thing to make, but baby hats come second. They are so quick to work up, and so many possibilities! Below is a picture of some hats that I have been working on for our Spring Fling. I currently have 25 boy hats finished. I am anxious to get some girl hats finished up before the challenge ends. I have spent many late nights working on these little guys. It's always a case of "one more row and then I need to get to bed", before you know it, 1 AM rolls around. Ooops! I think almost any crafter can relate to that.

      I stepped outside of the box on some of these baby hats, and hopefully the hospitals will be ok with that. They aren't your traditional blue baby hats, but I still think they are cute. I have seen so many different color combos used so I wanted to try some out. Sometimes different is good, and a great way to use up some of those partially used skeins. When I get some girl hats finished up I'll share some of those too.