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  2. Hi you all

    Just wanted to get on here and say hello. It is raining finally here in Oregon. Our mountains sure needed it. Brought cooler weather so I may be under a blanket haha. Good time to knit. Last night was a home game for my youngest (football). Pouring rain..but a great time. My son's team won. I have a newborn photo session this upcoming Saturday. Always excited to do baby sessions ♡♡♡ How has everyone else been? What are you up to in your lives?
  3. Last week
  4. September 2017 Roll Call

    Yes that was comments before I made the most recent changes (this past week literally). Then I got a response on how much better our whole site was after changes were made. I also posted the where to donate link at top of forum, pattern/downloads category at top. Put the forum tab at top as well as downloads tab all viewable now without having to go through the browse option. Plus I updated our main website by simplifying it. Removed from site and forum unnessisary info at top and bottom on both. Cleaned it up allot. That seemed to help. That post of concerns inspired me to make the changes
  5. September 2017 Roll Call

    Oh, then I'm wondering why a few of the new members stated they had trouble finding where to start? Hmmm - that is odd.
  6. September 2017 Roll Call

    I also send a welcome message to their inbox with link to the post ♡
  7. September 2017 Roll Call

    Mary - I see the perma link. is there a way to add more words to the link? I see the steps are a the bottom of the perma post. It's a long post and unless you scroll down you might miss them. Maybe have the link start with "New members should start here: ..... and keep the rest of the link. We should ask the new members --- did you see this perma link before you started clicking around the board?
  8. NEW!!! YES!!!

    You are probably right. Lots to think about ♡
  9. September 2017 Roll Call

    These are gorgeous!! I am deeply sorry for your loss I do hope you start to feel better Asap. Oh my you are right. I still love that they cherish your work so much to put request in. That us awesome!! Yes out of site, out of mind. Story of my life. Your cat is so funny. Luckily my cats leave mine alone. However years ago I had one that wa s naughty like that. Chewing my yarn in half, finding it strung out everywhere. Ornery cats. Lots of loves and prayers for healing. Yes I will be praying. The perma link on getting started on message board and also the perma links at top of forum board ♡
  10. September 2017 Roll Call

    Hey Mary and all - My husband and I just returned from a 10 day road trip from Georgia to New England. I loved the scenery and the wonderful crochet time making preemie blankets. I've been using various crochet stitches with a Loops $ Threads yarn called Kia. The yarn is very soft and the colors are so pleasing. I have 3 preemie blanket/hat sets ready to go. I'll send a flannel blanket to use with the blankets i needed as a wrap for the tiny babies. Anne - mother of a preemie who is now 38 years old. Very blessed.
  11. September 2017 Roll Call

    Hi everyone! Its been busy around my house over the past several months. Lost my Mother in May and then broke my femur in my right leg above my knee the end of July. I've done some crocheting while Ive been laid up. Made several infant hats and fleece blankets for the hospital nursery here in Lubbock. Hope to do more over the next few months. Peggy
  12. Click with HAIN

    Hello! How did you all package your hats? Does each hat go a baggie with a label? Hi Again! I went back to the Click for Babies web site discussion board and found that someone had asked about how to package the hats. Here is what I found and the reply: • Reply Hello Donna, please feel free to pack them in one large ziploc bag. Our state leads in each participating jurisdiction will organize them and get them ready to be sent out to the hospitals. Of course I will include HAINs information in the package.
  13. September 2017 Roll Call

    My 9 and 10 year old granddaughters each wanted a mini blanket and I finished those. Now 2 of the grandkids want me to make beanies for them. And then my daughter who has no kids has a dog who is like her child and I'm making a sweater for him. Plus I have a few slipper requests to finish up hopefully before Christmas. I have 12 grandkids so they keep me busy. I'm just finishing up a cute knit pumpkin for a friend and then I'll be moving on to beanies.
  14. September 2017 Roll Call

    Hello Mary and all, I'm slowly getting some more hats ready to send in to headquarters, 6 completed and one still on the needles. One good thing about the Alaska cruise last week, I didn't have to keep burying the knitting bag in a drawer or cabinet to keep the cat from snatching the yarn. A couple of times I buried the bag under 3 pillows on the couch and Ichigo managed to find it and was seen trotting through the house with a skein in his mouth and the unfinished project dragging along behind (and yes, all hats will be washed before I send them in). He usually pulls that trick late at night or a ridiculous early morning hour, and meows in a perfect rhythm which I've learned means "I've got something I'm not supposed to have!" That's my 2nd biggest hindrance to getting stuff done because my project is out-of-sight, out of mind. The #1 biggest issue is dealing with painful hands, now that I think I'm done traveling for awhile I'll try to do something about it.
  15. September 2017 Roll Call

    I'm here! I've been busy adjusting to life since I moved states, so I haven't had time to make anything. It's been difficult, so I could really use some prayers for peace and happiness. I've got all of y'all in my prayers ❤️
  16. September 2017 Roll Call

    I'm still here. Just finished up a few gowns. Now working on some mini quilts. I starting working on my donation plans for 2018. Yes, I am planner. I like lists to help me see what I plan to target for 2018. Plus that will help me see what supplies I need to look for in the super sales at Joann's fabrics or at Walmart. Hey Mary --- I was thinking about the comments from some of our new members about having troubles finding info on where to start. Do you remember if there was a posting that did a basic step by step? Like Step 1: Review donation list to see what items are needed so you can decide what you wish to make. (Give link to spreadsheet and adopt a spot) Step 2: Need a pattern to get you started? Check out our member's pattern library. (give link to download area) Step 3: Make your item or items and so on. You get my drift? I think something like that where it is pinned to the top and it can give a person a place to start. Then as they get familiar with what they want to do they no longer need that posting and do their own steps. Plus the posting can be a quick table of contents to find all the necessary links, files, pictures, etc. What do you think?
  17. NEW!!! YES!!!

    Here's my thought about the clubs. I like the idea of using it for local discussions. For the members that have been with HAIN a long time, do you all remember when we used to have "regions" there would be a leader in the regional groups and from there people would work to fill that region's requests first before helping other regions? For example, Virginia, Maryland and DC was region 4 and I helped lead that region. but as time went by we had several region leaders retire and ended up having "unmanned" areas so we ended up merging everything into one group. I like the local club thing but I'm not sure how far into local grouping you want to go. As for individual clubs to use for knitting classes as one example or one on the world of memory boxes: how do you create one or tips for making one --- I'm not sure if there will be interest. I am nervous to add new things. I understand when new tools and technology comes out and it is a cool new toy to experiment with but with the one group discussion with new members mentioning that the current website is a bit confusing to navigate or find things I think less would be better. There are tons of dedicated boards out in the web that does targeted crafting / skills building tutorials so I think we should keep focused on just the NICU and Memory Box divisions.
  18. Good to know about their status. She's not due to show up on the "adopt a center" donation list until next year. I"ll go ahead and make a note to contact Stephanie in advance before sending items to her to see if she has space for new donations.
  19. Jennifer, Thanks for the recent donation of items for infant loss. Thankfully our hospital now has an oversupply of gowns. Hoping not to have that great of a need. Thanks for your kindness. Sincerely, Stephanie Ochs, RN Family Maternity Services Nurse Manager Carle Richland Memorial Hospital 800 East Locust Street I Olney, IL 62450 phone 618.395.6037 I fax 618.395.6084
  20. Baby and Me Crochet Bears

    Now those are adorable!!
  21. September 2017 Roll Call

    Would love to hear more about what your making them. Sounds awesome and nothing better than a grand putting in a special request
  22. I came across this pattern today and though it was so cute. Thinking of trying some to donate, will probably just stitch the eyes on to avoid a choking hazard. https://www.leftinknots.com/home/2017/9/14/baby-and-me-crochet-bears
  23. September 2017 Roll Call

    While I'm still interested in volunteering my grandkids have requested a few items that will probably keep me busy knitting and crocheting until the end of the year.
  24. September 2017 Roll Call

    I am so sorry for your friends loss of her grandson. Heartbreaking. What a beautiful way to honor her loss. Thank you for checking in ♡♡♡ I hear you. Though earlier this morning we had some smoke again in the mountains. Rains couldn't come soon enough. We surely need it.
  25. September 2017 Roll Call

    Checking in. So glad that the smoke is clearing up and we are avle to breathe again.
  26. September 2017 Roll Call

    Checking in. Haven't gotten much crocheting done lately. Hope that changes soon!
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