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      Our New Challenge and Adopt a Spot .. coming soon   04/14/2017

      Coming soon we will be posting our next challenge and our next adopt a spot locations! We will be spot lighting a few hospitals that need our support! Plus an exciting challenge is coming up as well! We now have all of these conversation in one location (besides the Calendar).  Here is the link http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?/forums/forum/249-challenges-adopt-a-spot/ For a reminder the forum for that us now located above the general discussions forum. Check back soon! Also its not to late to get on board for the current challenges and adopt a spot needs! 

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  2. My photography..

    Well I figured I would use my own blog on here to post about my photography as some of you asked if I would. As many of you know I have been delving into photography as I was inspired by the charity NILMDTS. In hopes one day I would be professional enough to capture memories for grieving familes and offer my service. Well my journey has been slow going. I have delved into learning, I have book that college courses use for the subject. I have watched videos, I have read, I have practiced. But as you know I have never delved into it super deep, meaning as a career. I figured one day when Brian retired and we didnt focus on his career then maybe just maybe.. After all we had all the time in the world, right? I have been a home mom, pretty much almost our entire almost 23 year marriage. I had Justen at 17, married Brian when I was 19. Worked some in the beggining but due to abuse of baby sitter we decided together that we felt better if we never put our children through what we went through. So we made that choice. Which I do not regret. However Brian passed away. I had no career, no job experiance (but my early 20s, I am now in my 40s), the thought of doing everything we dreamed of together alone became a nightmare, fear like no other, worry and more fear. Luckily my husband had life insurance (we both did, after all we have kids), something I used to tell him I hated him having because we never would need it and the thought of him passing wasnt something I ever wanted to think about. I was able to pay off house, put money back. I now realize that it was time to go ahead and take my photography more serious. So I joined a 12 week course. Though I admit I am scared. I need to do this for me, and for our kids. I want them to know that no matter what trials we face, we can do this. We can survive this. I am all they have now. And its hard folks, it really is. There are times I feel like I am failing them and doing this alone makes my heart sink so deeply in hurt. How I miss my husband so badly it hurts to my core. Do you know that in all the years together we never had a professional family picture done? How I regret thst now. My mission is to make sure that never happens to anyone I come across. One can never get that back. I habe no real good pictures to hang on my walls of all of us. I encourage you all to go get pictures taken!! Also to print your phone pictures. Go to mpix.com have them print your pictures. They have an app. Do it. Save them! Anyway sorry about rambling in this post.. I will start posting more about photography. But for now thank you for reading this.
  3. Long night..good day to knit

    By the way we found debit card. Kids had it with their coffee punch cards. Whew thank you Lord!! Gabe did lose his tie. But it was luckily only 15$ fee. Well onto being able to knit with some relief. My brain was fretting. Hahaha
  4. Accountability....well

    Nice work everyone!
  5. Am I driving you nuts yet?

    HaHA! Bugging us? No way! It's great to "see" you so often!
  6. Long night..good day to knit

    I am happy they did too. They ended up going to a drive in, which you do not find many of those around anymore, at least here in Oregon. They got home late and I stayed up, my eyes are knocking together. Haha I may have to take a nap today. Yes go clear your head for awhile. Its better to than make rash decitions or worse. Once you go and can think with the heart you are wanting to think with then its easier and better that way. Lots of love your way. And prayers
  7. Long night..good day to knit

    The pictures you posted of them are great! I was sorry to hear they didn't get to go to prom, but so happy to hear they made the best of it and went out anyways. Not sure what is going to happen around here today. I am trying to get myself motivated and it's just not working. Guess I am stressing a little over some things for the rescue I volunteer for. I keep telling myself to just step away from it and go sit outside for awhile and just enjoy the nice weather. Maybe that will help clear my head.
  8. What's your favorite brand of yarn?

    Caron Simply Soft is probably what I use most for baby items or Bernat Softee. I Love This Yarn is another favorite of mine. It's still soft, but less flimsy I guess, sometimes I prefer to use this for certain blankets because it doesn't stretch as bad.
  9. Accountability....well

    Great work Elaine, I love the little quilts! I have not shipped anything out yet.. I've been focusing on hats and then once this challenge is over I will see how many I have done and split them up between some needs.
  10. Am I driving you nuts yet?

    I have thought about trying to learn, but it has always looked hard to me. I have also heard the same thing from those who knit, they say that crochet is hard. I love making baby blankets. All the different stitches and colors. I like to play around and see what I come up with.
  11. Long night..good day to knit

    Hello again ladies, Well yesterday was eventful. We discovered yesterday that my son Gabe lost my debit card he borrowed to go pay for his tux rental, we searched most the day, still nothing yet. So it was a bit tense before him and Jozie his girlfriend getting ready for their prom that didnt happen (because the school goes off of attendance instead of grades, Jozie missed 2% to many days, we did not find out until Thursday and their prom was yesterday) so we had them dress up anyway and go on a date. So anyway I sadly didnt get much knitting done as I had planned. But today is a new day!! I plan on knitting after we rearrange livingroom. (Maybe). One way or another I am knitting Right now though I am enjoying the kids sleeping in and me having my morning coffee in a quiet house Hehe The weather today and this week is nasty cloud and rain. So it does make for a good time to knit right? This coming weekend I am going to stay the night at my sisters. Bringing my camera to have a little photo session because I can and spend time. She is the best (my youngest sister. I have 3 all are great) Well for now... I hope you are all having a wonderful day thus far! Pictures of Gabe and Jozie
  12. Accountability....well

    Elaine these are amazing! You are so very talented. So sweet and precious! I love everything. Just awesome!!!
  13. Accountability....well

    I was giggling when I got Jen's email of all her donations today. I emailed her back saying that today was my day to ship out stuff too. :-) Some of these are the same patterns I made before but here are some I sent out.
  14. Am I driving you nuts yet?

    Knitting is so pretty. You should try and learn. You are very talented and I bet would pick it up quick. Blankets, they are adorable. You have the patience I tell you. With knit, yikes it takes so long unless your making a preemie one. Or use chunky yarn. Yours turn out beautifully. I always love awing over your work.
  15. Accountability....well

    Elaine oh my goodness that is allot of work and time. I bet they are beautiful too. Thank you so very much!!
  16. Am I driving you nuts yet?

    I like seeing your morning posts (even if it is evening now) Ha! The little hats you posted recently are so cute! Makes me wish that I could knit. These baby hats work up pretty quick, but I am itching to make some baby blankets again.
  17. Yesterday
  18. Accountability....well

    I just mailed out six boxes today filled memory boxes, gowns, hats, wraps and blankets. 😀 These are just a few of the dresses.
  19. Accountability....well

    Oh my goodneas Jen, how wonderful. What a blessing your mom and you are. So many families will receive the most amazing gown. Thank you so very much!!
  20. Am I driving you nuts yet?

    Jen you are right on everything you said. Being a mom of my little girl who died in my arms, her little hat and gown mean the world to me. I will never get to be at her wedding, her graduation, formals, child birth. Nothing. So yes if our gowns can bring some kind of comfort then what we offer is a beautiful thing. Love your heart for babies!! Thank you Brandi. I am loving it too ❤❤❤
  21. Accountability....well

    6 boxes went to the PO today - Sheila Cole, Dunkirk NY Paige del Castillon, Houston TX Nichole Schweickhart, Dayton OH Megan Newell/Ann Logan, Houston TX Marcia Ranew, Mobile AL Christina Spencer, Alexandria VA
  22. What's your favorite brand of yarn?

    I love yarn and its so so hard to decide. However my newest hats I used a yarn I had never used before and am in love. Its called Bebe. I found it on smileysyarns.com anyway it reminds me of the wendys peter pan I used to buy and they do not seem to sale now. Comes in all the baby colors (least on the site). I havent looked on other sites yet for more color options. When I made afghans I sometimes use simply soft. Sometimes I go buy specialty yarns from local yarn stores. They have some amazing baby soft bulky yarns that are to die for.
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