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      May & June Adopt a Spot Spotlight   05/01/2017

      Please read more here on the areas we are spotlighting to give to for May and June!! Neonatal and Memory Box areas of need posted together.  
    • MaryGlynn

      New----> Pink and Blue for the NICU Challenge!!   05/01/2017

      Here is our challenge For the months of May and June our challenge will be to work on items that are pink and blue (to honor mother's for Mother's Day and Father's for Father's Day) No certain items needed for this challenge, you can make hats, blankets, wraps, whatever items are your favorite. 

      Please read more details and posts here:   
    • MaryGlynn

      A Raffle Drawing   05/01/2017

      Read here for more detail:   
    • MaryGlynn

      New --->Children's Division Challenge   05/01/2017

      Here is the New challenge for the Childrens Division http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?/forums/topic/11023-comfort-sibling-support-bag-drive/  

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  2. Here Ye Here Ye--- Need some suggestions...

    Here's a Simple pasta salad recipe I've been making for years and we all love it. I do not measure anything. I add veggies until it looks like a nice balance with the pasta. Same with the dressing. Box of rotini pasta or tri-color rotini pasta (cork screw type) Cooked al dente and drained well. bottle of wish bone Italian dressing broccoli florets cauliflower florets carrots can of black pitted olives, drained and halved Steam/cook the broccoli, cauliflower and carrots just enough to soften them. then slice or rough chop so not pieces are not too big. Toss everything together and add dressing. Chill and serve. May need to add more dressing afterwards. Sometimes, if I don't have time to wash and cut up fresh Broc or Cauli, I use frozen and just thaw them out. When they are thawed, they are softer and you don't have to steam them.
  3. Today
  4. I actually told him we would work to hopefully never let this happen again if we can. If I hear back from them I will let them know.
  5. Emergency request why I started forum

    This is a wonderful idea, Mary!! I wonder if the family would like to know that their little Jerome has inspired this action.
  6. This will be my list. I will add to it, making changes as needed be. Boys: Girls: Variety:
  7. I started this forum as a reminder and in Jeromes honor to remember to keep a stash of emergency burial garments, memory boxes and other memorial items set back of various colors and sizes. So as I add to my stash I will post what I have on hand just for these needs. I am asking if you will do this with me as well. So when a need arises maybe we can call on you or myself to fill the need.
  8. Good Morning!

    Yes I take much longer or simply frog it. I have even tossed a blanket because I ended up not finishing it and it sat so long that it wasn't worth salvaging It will be a sunny 70° here. Will be nice. I have another class today, and will be knitting and I have editing to do on pictures. That I will wait for the evening however. Quiet time upstairs away from kiddos I hope you have a great day.
  9. Good Morning!

    Morning everyone! Starting my day downing some coffee, hoping that it will give me a push. Gloomy, rainy weather outside so it's a good day to stay indoors! I'm still working on the baby blanket I started, but I am not loving it so it's taking me longer to get it done. I am still thinking about frogging it and starting over again with a different stitch. Does this happen to anyone else? I feel the more I love the stitch or the look of what I am working on I want to get it done, and if I don't it's harder to want to pick it up.
  10. Pink & Blue for the NICU (May & June Challenge)

    Those are so beautiful Cheryl!
  11. Last week
  12. Good Afternoon ladies

    Oh those are mentally tiring. So much info wears a brain out. Thank you for letting us know, always helps knowing so we do not get to worried when we do not see yeah for a bit.
  13. Cheryl those are just beautiful!!! I love the lace trim on the blue one. Beautiful!!!
  14. Pink & Blue for the NICU (May & June Challenge)

    Here are two blankets I've crocheted for this challenge. They are both newborn size. Hope everyone else is working up some blue and pink items
  15. Good Afternoon ladies

    LOL your doggie looks like he/she is getting ready to be blown away. Soooo cute. I'm going to be pretty much offline this week. I'm getting ready to start a 3 intense day of software installation training. I'm resting up right now before I hit the sack at the hotel but I wanted to check to see what everyone was doing at HAIN. Wish me luck.
  16. Good Afternoon ladies

    Love the dogs expression, so cute! Looks like you both were having a wonderful time. Love beach walks too, so relaxing. Thank you for sharing this picture makes me smile. The weather is crazy. Almost 90 today, yikes.
  17. Good Afternoon ladies

    Isn't the weather crazy, Mary! I can't seem to put my winter clothes away ... shorts and t-shirt today and will probably need my wool socks again before July LOL! My husband and I took advantage of the nice weather and went to the beach. It was so nice to just walk every day and not have all the yard work and house work yelling at me to get busy Very relaxing. Even got in a bit of crochet. Here's a picture of the two of us and one of our dogs.
  18. Good Afternoon ladies

    So today I think I will be knitting, right beside a fan as it will be almost 90°. Now remember I spoke of 50s last week. Makes you wonder how we do not end up with colds with such drastic changes in weather huh. I know summer brings much activity in our lives. I am an encourage you still come onto the forum and share with us what you are up to. I love hearing stories about your life. I will post more in a bit. Blessings to you
  19. Sorry I did not get my morning post in. So this weekend, I had my maternity session for my niece. It turned out to be such a hit. I am so excited about this session and may make maternity portraits part of a package deal with the newborn session. I truly loved this session. I will sneak a couple photos for you all to see when they are finished. Anyway then that night my son and I helped the Llama trimmer lady hold the Llama I hired to shear him. Got my hand got smashed pretty good against a tree, but after realizing my finger nail did not rip off and my nuckles will grow their skin back I was fine lol. Then today I went and visited my mom. Had a good visit just hanging out. I didn't get home until just a bit ago. I am tired, so no knitting tonight or I may fall asleep while holding my needles This next weekend I have another session. Excited about it. Young lady who is graduating high school and volunteered so much I offered to do a folio session on her as a gift. She is beautiful and I hope to make her feel beautiful about herself. Anyway that's my weekend. Hope all is well with you all. Blessings
  20. Quiet around here...

    Diana I am so very sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and I will be praying for comfort. You are right it is hard. Every year we have a family reunion and it's hard to see the age of my aunt's and uncles who I grew up around and they were so lively and now they look so much older. It's hard. Again I am so very sorry. My heart goes out to you.
  21. Happy Birthday Lady Do (Diana K)

    Happy Birthday to you!!!!
  22. Quiet around here...

    Mary - Congrats for your daughter!! Diana - I'm so sorry for your loss. Go to the doctor to see how bad your carpel tunnel is. Mine was not too bad on my right but on my left I had a cortisone shot and now I'm fine. That was 10 year ago. When I feel it starting to ache, I just put on my wrist brace for a few days and I'm ok. My mom had the surgery for her right hand and no more pain. But in her case it was the extreme. If you want to treat it naturally try icing it and work on therapy stretches. Good luck.
  23. Quiet around here...

    That is awesome that your daughter got the job! My great aunt passed away from brain cancer, so I had her service to attend yesterday. They did a really nice job, just so sad to see your family getting older, or getting sick and passing away. It really reminds you to live your own life to the fullest and love those around you. I started a blanket the other night, with this carpel tunnel business, I can only do it for small periods of time. I have been debating on going to see a Dr. but I have no idea what they will even do. I have no interest in pain pills so I have just been dealing with it. Mornings are the worst for some reason, as the day goes on I get a little more movement in my hand without the pain.
  24. Good Morning you all

    Elaine ... this list makes me so tired just reading it LOL! Praying all those events go smoothly for you. You will really be ready for your vacation in July!!
  25. Quiet around here...

    Congratulations to your daughter, Mary! That is so exciting for her (and you)
  26. I hope you have the most amazing Birthday Ever!!! Happy Happy Birthday to you!!
  27. Quiet around here...

    Cheryl you are so right. Teens do keep us a running for sure. Whew My daughter got her job!!!! She was so excited. She was hopping up and down, it was neat to see her face light up. Proud mom moment. Anyway, yes I guess sometimes I am so busy my brain melts, not super physical but mentally. Always mom worries. I know one day I will get that studio and make it happen. I cannot wait to see your blanket. Your work is supreme!!!
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  29. Quiet around here...

    Still here Mary ... your family is amazing!! What a testament to a loving home that young lady is ... being one of the first in her family to graduate is so awesome. I truly think that we, as mom's, are busier with teenagers than we were with toddlers. Maybe it's just a different kind of busy. I find I was running them around to different activities and waiting around a lot. I was so thankful (and worried) when they finally got their drivers licenses It will be weird for me come this September with both girls at college ... just me and the dogs during the day. I'm so thankful that I started a business and have that to keep me busy during the day! Your photography will get going, Mary! I finished a baby blanket the other day and have started another one. Will take pictures and post sometime soon Have a wonderful day everyone!!
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