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  2. Spring Fling Beanie Bash

    March & April: Spring Fling Beanie Bash For the months of March and April our challenge will be to work on baby hats. These can be Spring themed if you wish.
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  5. No make up...but testing

  6. One Time Requests or Urgent Needs >> You will find these requests in the HAIN Division Discussion Area: sorted by the 4 different areas: neonatal, children, memory box and casket. If you can help fill the request just post a reply in the board. In these discussion areas, you will not find the running list of ongoing/monthly requests spreadsheet. Monthly Requests Spreadsheet >> If you wish to work with one of our many hospitals or centers who requested ongoing donations throughout the month, you will find the monthly request spreadsheet in the Downloads section: The requests for NICU and Memory Boxes are combined in one file. The links to the file are in both the Neonatal Div. Spreadsheet and the Memory Box Division will lead to the same file. Inside the file you will see who to send the donations to, what they need, and when the last time a donation was mailed to them. This is why is it important to let Elaine know when and where you mailed your donation so we can update the information in this file. NEW in 2017 >>> Something new we are doing this year is highlighting hospitals and centers who have not received donations in a while. If you do not have a specific state or hospital you wish to send your donation to please consider sending it to one of the featured “adoption” places. You can find a list of the featured centers in the Division Discussion Area by category. NICU: Memory Boxes:
  7. Thank you

    Whew good thing they found the box. :-)
  8. Thank you

    Someone in the unit must have gotten it a day she was not there and just put it in the counter and forgot to tell her. Whew thank you Lord they found it.
  9. Oh my word. That is probably right. I figured the last update fixed it. But this happened with our pattern area. If I went to update the pattern (add a picture, or words) it would do the same thing you just mentioned. What you said is what they said it was. It is a glitch they were working on. Not knowing that, that was what was wrong here or I would have known to tell them (sorry). Glad you found this out. So nice!!!
  10. When I send out a donation, I include my email address and request that they let me know the package was received. I didn't hear back about one package, so I decided to follow up on it. The postal tracking said it was delivered, but I wanted to make sure it went to the correct area of the hospital. The answer I got to my follow up email was that they didn't remember seeing my package, but they would check on it further. (my heart sunk when I read that) I got another email today, and it says: << GOOD NEWS!! I found the blankets and hats. They were still in the package in the back of my cupboard. I placed them out to be used by a family. Thank you so much for donating to our families and for << following up with me. << Melissa Martinez << c/o University of MN Masonic children's hospital NICU << 2450 Riverside Avenue << Minneapolis, MN 55454 >> So follow up on your donations if you don't hear back! You don't want them stored away and forgotten about.
  11. I believe I have possibly found a way to fix the pattern links...if you've tried to click on any of the non-HAIN member created patterns, the links currently lead right back to our forum page. I think for whatever reason, when the forum switched over the links just didn't translate. Anyway, I have figured out if you copy the link and paste it into a new window, it will open the correct link! I did that, and then came back and deleted the original link, think re-entered it using the "insert link" feature on the post. So, all that to say: I'm pretty sure I can fix all the links, and don't mind doing so at all. But it is a time consuming process, so please just bear with me!
  12. Mary, I forgot to mention that the Booties & hats I made were with the gift card from Dollcakes.

    1. MaryGlynn


      Okay perfect. Thank you for letting me know. They are beautiful!

  13. In Brian's own words...

    Though Brian Glynn (my husband) passed away Aug 2015. I came across this treasure in some of my older files of H.A.I.N.s I thought you all would be moved as much as I am right now. Here in his own words. (Picture I found yesterday is of Brian praying over our daughter at her grave site) "06/04/2006 Hello everyone, My name is Brian Glynn. I am the husband of HAIN's President and founder, Mary. I am also the Executive Vice President of this organization and the President for the casket group. I would like to take this opportunity to share a few things about myself so you will know who I am and where I am coming from. I am first and foremost a Christian. I believe that the bible is the living word of God, and the blueprint to a loving and moral society. I am the proud father of four children. Three handsome, inquisitive and strapping young men, and one smart, funny, and beautiful princess. I am also a veteran who served with the U.S. Army in Iraq and Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm. As many of you might know, Mary and I lost our last daughter in July of 2000. We were devastated and planned on taking our little one home and arranging a burial service. We were shocked to learn that the hospital had already arranged to have her body incinerated. We weren't even asked if that was what we wanted. We had to make special arrangements with the hospital lab to store her body for a day and to not incinerate her. We asked why she could not be taken to the morgue. We were informed that the morgue was for “people” and she was just a fetus. I was floored. How could the same people that showed us such compassion and care say such a thing about my beautiful angel. She was as much of a “person” as anyone else in that room. After we came home, We brought our little girl to a local funeral home that agreed to store her so that we could make our arrangements for burial. We had no money, and I knew that I had to have something fitting to bury her in. I went out to the garage and found a wooden box that belonged to Our cousin. He graciously agreed to donate the box as a casket. Together with the help of other members of the family we fashioned a suitable casket to bury her in. We encountered the same kind of resistance when it came time to find a resting place for her. We were told by all local cemeteries but one that only “people” could be buried in cemeteries. We were told “You could bury her in the back yard like, you know, like a dog or something.” Well to make a long story short we thought Mariah deserved better than that. She deserved to be treated as any other “person” because she was a person. That was when I decided in my heart that one day I would find a way to help families that are experiencing the same thing that we did, and to try to make it easier on them and to show them that they have options. They can honor the life of their child, no matter how short the life was, if they choose to. Mary has asked me to be President of the casket division because I have been there and she knows that every casket that I will eventually build will have the same love and care put into it as I put into my own dear Mariah's casket. If you have a heart for families that are grieving and can work with wood, or even have materials you could donate, I hope you will consider becoming a part of this division. As far as what you need for a casket, I have done a lot of research to determine what materials, specifications, and or dimensions are required. All I can say is that there are none. Let your heart be your guide and design what you would bury your own angels in. For a guide, go to the store and purchase a small doll. Or a series of dolls for different sizes of babies. Even babies smaller than 10 inches deserve to be viewed as “people”. I thank you for your consideration and I pray for your support. God Bless all who serve in his name, Brian Glynn"
  14. This was sent to the HQ email for Elaine. " Elaine- I received your package yesterday and wanted to let you know that they arrived safely and are beautiful! Thank you for your generosity! Sheila & The OB Staff Sheila Cole, RN Clinical Nurse Manager Intensive Care Unit, Obstetrics & Cardiopulmonary Brooks Memorial Hospital"
  15. I am impressed with the good old Post Office!!!! I mailed the package priority mail on Saturday morning and it got delivered on Monday. From Virginia to NJ. Way to go PO!
  16. I was so happy to find this in my inbox today! Hello Jo Ann, I wanted to let you know that I received your HAIN package yesterday. The blankets and hat are lovely and I thank you very much for your service to our families. Your dedication, work, and kindness are greatly appreciated. Sue Straszynski RN, MSN, RNC-OB, C-EFM Professional Development Specialist Perinatal Bereavement Coordinator University Medical Center at Princeton 1 Plainsboro Rd Plainsboro, NJ 09536
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