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    • MaryGlynn

      Adopt a Spot July & August   07/01/2017

      Read more about places we have adopted to focus on in our giving July through August. http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?/forums/topic/11091-bi-monthly-adoption-for-julyaugust-2017/
    • MaryGlynn

      CLICK WITH HAIN (Purple hats 4 awareness)   07/01/2017

      Please read more about how we can bring awareness and warm heads if babies. http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?/forums/topic/11093-click-with-hain/
    • MaryGlynn

      Sharing your story with us   07/02/2017

      Infant loss is devastating. If you are here do to the loss of your precious baby we are so deeply sorry for your loss.  Sometimes it feels good to just share your hurt, and heartache with others who understand what you are going through.  Here is a place to share your story.. http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?/forums/forum/260-an-angels-passing-sharing-your-story/ You can also share pictures and more. With your story if you give us permission to share, we will make a special blog post here in HAIN. We call the blog "an angels passing. " We may also use it in a newsletter article. But only with your permission. Note you can still share your story and we will not share it without your permission to do so first.  
    • MaryGlynn

      School Supply Drive   07/04/2017

      Every year we collect school supplies for children who need them.  Learn more about it here: http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?/forums/topic/11095-school-supply-drive-2017/
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Patty Asmus


I have been asked about what type of patterns to use for baby blankets. You can use any pattern that you would like. Please keep in mind that we try to stay away from ones with large spaces between the stitches. This is to help prevent the babies from getting their fingers and toes caught in them. Also, one of my local hospitals wanted me to remind everyone try to stay away from the color yellow. If the baby has jaundice  ( yellowing of the skin and the whites of the eyes) yellow makes its more prominent.  Please, remember that you can knit, sew or crochet these blankets and we also accept ones that have been purchased.

At the bottom of this page I have posted a couple of places where you can go to get patterns on the web. Another pattern that I use is for dishrags. There are some lovely designs to these, you just have to  adjust them to whatever size you need.












Patty Asmus

The 4th of July is upon us and I want to wish you and everyone of you a safe and happy 4th. 

The challenge for this month is to collect Baby Washcloths. These are used for feeding and burp cloths at the hospitals. 


Patty Asmus

June's Project


This months project will be to collect books for our hospitals. We will be collecting books for ages from newborns to teens. The subject matter can range from animals to fairy tales or whatever else you would like to donate. 


Patty Asmus


The month has now come to an end and I have this last donation to share with you. I took a 4 dz combination of regular and mini size cupcakes for the caregivers to share at Stoney Brook. Just my way of say THANK YOU  for give care to all does to live there.



Patty Asmus


 Let's show our appreciation to all these men and women that care for others. SDHain's Angels project of the month is letting our nurses know that we appreciate all that they do for us. 


Patty Asmus

April's Challenge

Here are a few of the cards that I have made so far. On the back of each card is the contact information for Heaven Angels In Need and on the flap of the envelope is the info for my blog. 



Patty Asmus

April's Challenge


Patty Asmus

What to do?

I have been checking into getting sympathy cards to donate to the hospitals along with some type of Angel embellishment. I thought it would be nice if the nursing staff could give one of these to parents that now have an Angel. I want the parents to know that someone cares and they are not alone in this time of need. Little did I know that during my time at researching this I found that it is a subject that many do not know how to handle. Many family members  and friends don't know what to say or do when someone they love loses a baby.

After reading many different articles and talking to others I have walked away with this feeling. Parents want and need people to acknowledge the fact that they have lost a baby. They do not want to hear on how to grieve. Each family member will grieve in a different way. Over and over again, parents say that something as simple as "I am so sorry for your loss" means so much.  One mother said that when people say nothing "it is isolating". Another statement that was made was that just having someone to listen to them was so important. Please remember a hug and a shoulder mean the world to these that are going through this terrible ordeal.

I will never claim to know how these parents feel. I had 2 healthy babies. I do have family members that have gone through this and they all agree that no matter how long ago this happened it still fresh in their minds today.

If you would be interested in helping with this project please contact me at SDPattiJo@gmail.com

Patty Asmus

  SDHain's Angels has a new project for the month of April. I will be gathering sympathy cards for families that have gained an Angel. I will be putting a small Angel token of

some type in each card and then signing them as coming from SD Hain's Angels, on the back of these cards will be a notation giving the Heavenly Angels In Need information.

These will then be donated to the hospitals so that the staff can give one to each of the families. This is just a small way to let them know that someone cares.

   The cards can be home-made or boughten. The angels can be a pin, a picture, knitted or one that is crocheted. The size should be small enough that you can put it in an envelope.

Patty Asmus

March Challenge


This months Challenge is going to be "March Madness for the Little Ones. This means you can do whatever you would like. For those of you that do not knit, sew or crochet remember we do accept boughten articles. If you are in need or yarn, needles, crochet hooks or material please let me know, I would be happy to help furnish some. 

Also, I have been asked I if there is anything someone can do besides the crafting of articles. If there is someone that is poetic and would be willing to write a small verse that I could put in with individual donations that would be awesome. Are you artistic? If you like to draw something that could be added to the donations this would also something that we can use. I am looking for things that would give the families of these little ones some peace when there seems to be only sorrow. 

Please, remember that Diana is doing a Blanket Marathon for the months of March and April. If you have a blanket that you would like to donate , please remember that it will be donated to our local hospitals. You can contact me if you have something it donate and I will make sure that it gets delivered for you. With your permission, I will take pictures and share them with the other volunteers of our group.


Patty Asmus

February's Challenge

I am a little slow getting this months Challenge out but I was trying to think of something different to do. I decided that this month we should try and do some sleeper sacs, cocoons or cuddlers. I have contacted some of the area hospitals and found that they use them especially for the smaller babies. Sleeper sacs are used when holding the babies, for taking pictures and swaddling. Please remember that preemies are born with under-developed organs which also means their skin so please use the softest yarns and materials. If in doubt about the yarn once you have complete the article that you are making wash it in Ivory or any other baby soap. I then rinse them twice, the first time in vinegar water and then again in plain water. 

If you need patterns or need help getting yarn, please contact me at SDPattiJo@gmail.com 003_zps09u1c1xr.jpg



Patty Asmus

New Year

As we start the New Year, SDHain's Angels would like to thank everyone that has helped with donations this year. Even though we don't get to meet those that receive our donations I know that we are helping these families in a very difficult time. This year I want to do more. There are so many families that are put through great pain by losing a child and if we can help it makes it all worth while.

For the month of January, I would like to offer anyone that is willing to make a hat or set of booties the yarn that they need. If you would like to help please contact me at sdpattijo@gmail.com  with your name and address and what you will be making and I will send you the yarn that you need. If you need a pattern I can also help with that.  Once you have completed your donation, let me know and I will help you get it to a local hospital or women's center. 


Patty Asmus

December Challenge

The month is coming to a close and I am still collecting baby blankets & hats for the December Challenge. These can be homemade or purchased. Please help me continue to help these families that need our prayers and kindness.

Patty Asmus

December Challenge

                                                                                   Diana from Heavenly Angels In Need has announced the December Challenge.

With Christmas upon us, now is a great time to be of service to others, and spread love to those who need it most. Please join us in this challenge as we work on blankets and baby hats for babies and children in need.

Items can be handmade or store bought.

                                                                              "Gifts of time and love are surely the basic ingredients of a truly Merry Christmas"


Patty Asmus

November Challenge


Have you heard that we are doing a "Thankful Hearts Blanket Challenge?" Volunteers that wish to participate in this challenge are asked to complete at least one blanket.

Blankets can be crochet, knit, sewn or store bought blankets and size can be from 12x12 to 20x20 but any size will be accepted.The material should be soft enough not to irritate the babies. Once you have a blanket ready to donate please contact Mary HAINFounder@gmail.com or Diana haincharitypres@gmail.com and they will be happy to give you an address where you can send your donation. If you have a hospital in your area that you would like to donate to please let them know.

There are printable labels to place with your donation at

Once donations are made please email Elaine HAINCharitySec@gmail.com to receive your donation receipt.


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