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Tips by Anna V



Oct 2009 Article

Here is my story, hope you can use it. I've made a few changes to the original because I didn't mention HAIN in my initial post.


I used to think choosing ribbon to go with a project was easy, but not anymore. Especially after the past 2 weeks - I made my first micro-preemie burial wrap & hat in white yarn using one of HAIN's patterns. The design calls includes 4 eyelet rows to be laced up with 1/4" ribbon and tied in front. I figured 5 feet of white ribbon would be about right so I would have 15" of ribbon on row, but my white ribbon came up a couple of inches short, so I divided it in 4 equal pieces and it was enough to tie them correctly, and made a mental note to buy more white 1/4" ribbon soon.

In the meantime, on another set of needles I had an open-back preemie gown in "sparkly" mint green which would require its own ribbon tie at the neckline eyelet row - on those gowns I always send 3 feet of ribbon so whoever dresses the baby can use what they want for tying at the neck, then the remaining ribbon can be tied around the waist or however else they wish to use it. I finished that gown about the same time as the white burial wrap, and then I started a periwinkle wrap set, and it was done so fast that I made another just like it. But the only green I had on hand was bright kelly green which didn't look quite right, nor did blue or lilac ribbon look right with periwinkle, so a fabric store visit became urgent. I went to JoAnn's and it took forever to find 1/4" white ribbon, and it was a "corrugated" design, not as pretty as plain white satin but acceptable. I bought two 18-ft

spools, thinking I had a good supply. There was no mint ribbon narrower than 3/4" and I decided not to bother with periwinkle since the yarn that color was almost gone anyway. I got back home and cut off 3 feet for the green gown, 5 feet each for the wraps, and then realized I'd just used 13 feet and only had enough left for one more wrap, so it was a good thing I bought 2 spools! And when we traveled to Flagstaff last weekend I made another wrap set in sparkly mint green (different brand than I used for the gown), so there went the other 5 feet.

I also had a pink & white preemie gown completed before any of this started but hadn't had time to cut the ribbon to go with it. After cutting off 3 feet of pink ribbon, I only had 2 feet left, so I set it aside with plans to make some pink lace-up booties next time I make hat & bootie sets and now I had another color ribbon needing replacement. I visited Hancock Fabric this time, and I had just about given up on finding 1/4" pink ribbon among what they had on display when I found what I wanted in the clearance section for 35 cents.

On Wednesday I went to the local meetup and used up the remaining sparkly mint yarn for another wrap - there was exactly one foot left after the final bind-off stitch. I slipped into a different JoAnn store at lunchtime in hopes of finding some matching yarn to make a hat and possibly some light green ribbon, but I didn't find the yarn and like with the other JoAnn store, all ribbon in that color was too wide - however, I did buy 6 yards of microfleece to use for another project, LOL! I had used a skein of sparkly white yarn from my mother-in-law's "gift stash" and thought there was more, but it turned out to be sparkly ecru. OK, I started a hat with that and then visited the nearest Hobby Lobby at lunchtime. It took a little searching because all the fancy printed ribbons showed their faces first, but I finally found some ecru ribbon in the right size AND some mint green as well! As mentioned above, I didn't have any mint yarn left, but I did find some in HL's yarn section and bought a skein. I also bought skeins of peach and aqua in the same brand because I noticed some ribbon in those colors in my stash, and had no other yarn in those colors (at some point I did, but used the yarn for something else).

In the future, if anyone tells me "I'm just gonna run to JoAnn's (or Hancock) for a little bit of ribbon", I will expect them to be gone awhile, LOL!


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