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Oct 2009 Article

The American Heritage College Dictionary defines “inspiration” as stimulation of the mind or emotions to a high level of feeling or activity”. My definition is much simpler, his name is Gregory Paul. Greg was my youngest nephew the youngest son of my younger sister and the light of my life.

Greg never met a stranger. He loved kids and he loved helping people. Friendly, caring, giving are only a few of the words used to describe him by family and friends.

He called me “mom” and often said that I was more like him than his “actual” mom. We called each other and emailed keeping in touch. Easter Sunday 2007, we talked and he told me that he loved me. My world came crashing down a few weeks later when he was killed by a drunk driver. For a time, I try dealing with it by just sitting in front of the television and letting the world go by. Then I found a magazine, Mary Jane’s Farm and started reading other women’s thoughts and needs on the forum. On one of the forum’s there was a posting by a woman, Angie Rigby, who needed beads for bracelets she made for mothers who lost their children. Then another posting for a pregnancy center that had been burned down – both postings had HAIN as a reference point.

Out of curiosity, I pulled up the HAIN site and started reading. Reading and weeping and my heart started to heal. I found that I wanted to do something to help other people who hurt like my family had been hurt and I picked up crochet hooks that I had not really spent time with for many years and started making small items to send for HAIN and my heart became stronger. I pulled out painting books, brushes, etc.-items I had not touched in years and started painting memory boxes to fill for strangers because I knew that Greg was proud of my painting skills.

I remember Greg and how proud he was of everything I made, whether I gave it to him or someone else. Every time I make something for HAIN - crochet, painted or sewn, I whisper upon its completion “for you, Greg” and I hear his reply, “thanks, mom”.


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