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Finding the strength with-in



July 2009 Article

Finding the Strength Within

There are times, as a volunteer, I find myself letting life take over and not accomplishing the goals I have for being a volunteer with HAIN. I thought I would take a minute to help encourage others who may find themselves in the same boat.

As mothers, fathers, employees, daughters, friends, wives, husbands, volunteers, scout leaders, neighbors, etc. – all those hats, and many more…. We sometimes find ourselves in overload with all the day-to-day things we need to get done. It is easy to become overwhelmed and eventually shut down and end up doing nothing!

Finding the strength within is an important daily task we each must do for ourselves. Where there is faith, there can be no fear. When there is love, hate cannot stay. If there is light, the darkness does not exist. It takes a daily effort to keep faith, love and light in our hearts.

Here are some things you can do to build your own light, to chase away the darkness, to fill yourself with love. You know, you do have to love yourself so you CAN love others! You can replenish your own soul, calm your emotions to remind yourself that life is way to important to neglect the things we really love doing. So take a few minutes to show yourself kindness, fill your bucket to overflowing so it can spill over and help you be a better multi-tasking/hat-wearing servant.

When darkness starts to crowd in or the faith starts to waver…. Here are some soul building things you can do:

Listen to your favorite music Enjoy a long, luscious bubble bath

Go for a walk and listen to nature Share a hug

Exercise Learn a new skill

Pray Count your blessings

Do some stretching exercises Sing, hum or whistle a tune

Reflect on your positive qualities Watch the sunrise or sunset

Laugh Read a book

Journal Go do something adventurous

Plant something Go to a play or movie

Ride your bike Draw a picture

Go to the park with your kids Swing on a swing

We all wear many hats. One of those hats is a precious volunteer with Heavenly Angels in Need. Without your efforts, this work could not go forward. Take a few minutes to take care of your own spirit so when you are able to put on your HAIN hat, you can give your time with a song in your heart.


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