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Crochet 101



Jan 2009 Article

Crocheting 101 – Many of the ladies in my Women’s Fellowship group do not know how to crochet and seem to shy away from it. Since I learned to crochet before knitting, I have always felt more comfortable with one loop on my hook instead of several on a knitting needle. Some tell me they can’t learn to crochet, but I respond with, “Then you don’t have the right teacher!”

Crocheting is basically working with a chain stitch upon which you build other stitches. I would suggest you start with a four ply yarn and a size H or N hook. This will be large enough for you to see the actual stitches.

Begin by making a loop on the hook, just as in knitting. Now take the crochet hook with the one loop and yarn over and pull through the loop. (If you knit, you already know how to do the basic crochet stitch because you sometimes drop a stitch and have to pull it back up to put it back on the needle.) To make your chain, continue pulling the yarn through the loop on the hook until you have a long chain (ch) with the number of stitches required by the pattern.

The next stitch you may do is a single crochet (sc). How you do this is to insert your needle in the second stitch back from the hook and pull the yarn through again. Now you have two loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through both loops…single crochet made. You may need to continue this down the chain if your instructions call for it.

A half double crochet (hdc) is made by yarning over, putting the hook down into a stitch and pulling up the yarn, and yarning over again and pulling through all three loops so you are back to one loop on the hook again.

To make a double crochet (dc), you yarn over and then put your hook through the stitch, pull a yarn up, and yarn over again, pull through two loops at a time, and yarn over again and pull through the last two loops until you are back to one loop on the hook.

A treble crochet (tr) is yarning over twice, going down into the stitch and yarning over, pulling that loop back up, and yarning over two stitches at a time until you are back to one loop.

When the pattern says to join with a slip stitch (sl st), it means after chaining the number of stitches required in the pattern, you put your hook back down into the very first chain stitch, yarn over and pull through the stitch and right on through the stitch on your hook. This makes a circle. The more practice you have with these steps, the more comfortable and quick you will become.

If you were successful with the above steps, you now can make all of the following stitches:

ch = Chain

sc = Single crochet

hdc = Half double crochet

dc = Double crochet

tr = Treble crochet

sl st = slip stitch

For those of you who are more visual learners, please check out the web links below. There are pictures as well as a video to go along with the instructions. One might be more helpful to you than another, so I am including several options:





Video of basic crocheting:


Happy crocheting!


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