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Crisis Preg center donation success



Jan 2009 Article

The Childrens Division was happy to announce the delivery to the PAC center last year. We had collected for them for a while the year before and they had said they had enough at the time we were ready for delivery and then we decided we would store the items until we knew where they should go.

Many volunteers had sent items such as clothing, bottles, and other baby items to donate and so we had a lot for whomever needed it.

It was a good thing we had decided to hold on and store the items as the PAC center had an emergency need. They unfortuately had an arsenest that completely destroyed everything they had including all the clothes so they were in need of every item we had saved.

When we delivered the items Debbie Tracey gave us a tour of her beautiful rented place she had transformed until her building was renovated. She showed us plans for the reconstructed building and we met some lovely volunteers that were helpful unloading all the boxes and one that would be arranging them in the alloted places.

We were all in tears and so excited to be able to help Debbie when the time was right. Our volunteers have truely blessed many babies for a long time.

This year Heavenly Angels in Need delivered "Sibling Support Bags", for children in crisis situations, twice to the Lebanon Hospital. The reception was a total surprise to them and watching the surprised look on their face was truely amazing.

I, Pauline, had never approached anyone in an emergency room and just gave them something, I had always had an emergency situation for a reason for being there.

The secretaries and nurses were so excited to get the bags with toys and blankets in them and we all had our eyes welled up with tears. Both times we donated the we were greeted with awe and greatfulness because the need for the items were there.

I would encourage anyone who wants to donate to an emergency room to just ask them there and bypass the regular part of the hospital.

The ER also sent a thank you right away and said they had taken the delivery all over the hospital and showed it off.

It was such a heart warming time to share with our local emergency care workers and I look forward to making mny more deliveries to them and the other emergency responders in our area.

Thank you to all the HAIN volunteers for making this happen.

Nov 25, 2008

A big thank you for the many wonderful gift bags for our little ones. You all did so much work and a lot of love went into each bag. We are anxious to see the looks on their faces when we give them a special bag. Thanks for all your caring and work. We also shared them with other areas of the hospital that take care of little ones. The Emergency Dept. staff.

We brought in donations and they sent in a thank you over email (same day)


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