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Mistakes- By Shannon A.



April 2009 Article

By Shannon Arsnon (spelling last name check)

Have you ever thought to yourself, "why did I do that? Why did I go this way? Why didn't I do that? or I really should have done this." Then seconds, minutes, hours or even days later have your question answered in a way you never thought. Your mistake kept you safe by avoiding an accident that occurred on the street you should have been on. Somehow your mistake turned out to not be a mistake but blessing in disguise. I had one of those yesterday.

For a couple weeks I have had 2 boxes of items waiting to be delivered to the NICU at my local hospital. I kept putting off making the trip because....well...I really have no good excuse other than simple procrastination. I now have a better answer....

Yesterday afternoon, my doorbell rang. I open the door to find an old neighbor and her son standing there. After greeting each other, the lady said she needed to talk to me and that she needed my help. I asked if everything was okay, to which she responded "well, no". I let them in and asked what I could do. She explained that her son and his girlfriend had lost their baby. He was born at about 24 weeks, weighing 1 pound 1 ounce and was 11 inches long. He was born and died minutes later, unable to take his first breaths. My heart sank. I knew too well what they were going through and feeling. She said she knew I made clothing for preemies and asked if she could pay me to make something to fit her tiny grandson. I rose to my feet, located the boxes in the dining room, and removed the only 2 gowns I had small enough to fit. I offered them the two outfits I had and even offered to make one if they preferred different colors than what I had on hand. The young man selected a blue gown with a baseball appliqué and a matching blue baseball cap. I then pulled a couple blankets from my box and offered those to him. I asked what, if anything, the hospital was able to provide them for his son. He responded that his son was wrapped in a blanket with a hat that was too large, and they left the hospital with his things in a purple memory box. I wanted to be able to hand them an appropriate memory box, however, I had no boy boxes completed in this delivery. I offered to personalize them a memory box to match the sports themed outfit daddy had picked for his son. They accepted, stating anything I could do would be greatly appreciated. As they were leaving, again the lady attempted to pay me for the items they were carrying home, to which I refused. I somberly remarked, "This is from my Angel to yours. I'm sorry for your loss."

Sometimes we kick ourselves for making mistakes or in my case putting off something for later. This is proof that things happen for a reason, things are not mere coincidences but rather guidance from a higher being. I'm honored this family came to me and I was able to help them leave so empty-handed.


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