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What is a comfort bag/ Sibling support bags?




Bags being Delivered to an ER with items like in above picture



Comfort and Sibling Support Bags are made the same way. Both only require


1. A bag (either crochet, knit, sewn or purchased)

2. A toy (depending on age, depends on toy you chose) Plush type toys for younger kids. For older siblings you can get a journal, game, etc..

3. A blanket (either handmade or not)

4. One of our tags/labels put on or in bag. Link to labels/tags to download: http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?/files/category/4-public-downloads-area/ or you can also go into our gallery (link at top of forum), we have JPEG versions to print as you need.



Thats it!


These bags can be donated to fire stations, police stations, hospitals, kids in need in your area, emergency rooms etc.. 

The purpose of these bags is to bring children and teens comfort during a time of trauma in their lives (the teen bags would have age appropriate items, games instead of toys..or journal/book) When children have been through a home fire, or lost a sibling, are visiting the ER..for whatever reason we hope these bags find it in the arms of these children to hopefully bring comfort during an already trying time. 

Anyone can do these. If you craft, or if you don't craft, you can purchase all items, being sure to add one of our labels and your name on it. Simple as going to your local fire station, police station or ER and letting them know these bags are for donation from "Heavenly angels in Need" charity and we would like them to be given to kids who need comfort. Thats it, its simple and a blessing to these kids!


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When my son Daniel died, his big brother [age 5] had a terrible time coping. He had named his little brother, Daniel, as in Daniel in the lion's den because he was a little fighter. My son George had gone to all of my ultrasound appointments so he literally watched Daniel grow and develop.. including his boy parts. LOL

Because of circumstances, George could never see his baby brother. It was a horrible emotional turmoil for him, he just kept saying he needed to do big brother stuff and teach him things. I decided to make a soft sculpture [anatomically correct] replica doll in Daniel's exact tiny dimensions.

That did the trick. He carried it around, played cars with it and talked to it for hours on end. After a few months he seldom played with it anymore. One day he brought the doll to me and asked me to make new clothes for it. When I asked what kind he wanted, he replied a baptism dress like he was buried in and angel wings. I almost passed out. George explained that he has taught him stuff so he could now go to heaven and teach the other baby angels.

I made the outfit and George retired his doll to his collectable shelf. The amount of healing could never be measured. I began making "baby brother and baby sister" dolls in every ethnicity under the rainbow. I try and keep hospitals stalked so staff can make sure that if a sibling needs to take a baby home they can.

These dolls don't take the pain away but they do help children process the loss on their level.

Want to know the most miraculous part? It is the amount of healing for me that came from making the doll for George and watching him act out his feelings. He was a wonderful big brother!

I'm happy to share patterns if anyone is interested.


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We of course are always excited to add more patterns to our members only section. Your welcome to email your pattern to info@heavenlyangelsinneed.com With pictures if possible. I am deeply sorry for your loss

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