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Pink & Blue Challenge

Diana Richie


So I have finally had some time to sit and crochet some hats for our May & June challenge. I was so happy to be able to complete these. I often tell myself Im just going to sit and crochet today, and being a stay at home mom that doesnt happen often. Always easier said than done. We all get busy that is for sure and sometimes things have to take a backseat. I personally didn't like that feeling, I remember the great feeling that I would get knowing I am making this little blanket, gown or hat for a little one to wear. I always felt a sense of achievement when I had a package ready to mail out to a hospital or NILMDTS knowing that the items inside were going to bless some family. I MISS that feeling! And not to say that my family isnt important because it is, but for myself I feel it was poor time management and self pity that got in my way. Life can be hard sometimes with the challenges we face but as I was always told growing up...there is always someone else out there that is having it worse than you. And we may not think that at the time, but it is most definitely true.

When I started on these little hats, I didnt want to stop. It was a great stress reliever for me. Not to mention that I know these little hats are just waiting to be used. I have totes full of yarn that is just sitting there waiting for me to turn it into something beautiful. So my promise to myself and the families that we serve is to purposely set aside some time to work on items for these babies.



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beautiful hats. You are right Diana I tend to also let life get me sometimes and tend to slack and I know how much these items mean to families but I tend to lose focus. I am so guilty of this myself!!

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I have been 'un-focused', myself for far too long and need an 'a-long' or something like it to get me moving again for HAIN.


DJ in MIs U.P.

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