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FAQ: Where Do I donate to?



HAIN receives this question many times. Here is our answer



1. Consider donating locally!


Neonatal Needs:

In order to do that you can send item to your local hospital (NICU, Bereavement Dept, Birthing Center)


a. Wash all items using our FAQ on telling you how. You can find this info on our FAQ forum (first category of forum)

b. Bag all items in a ziplock bag to keep items smelling fresh and clean.

c. Make sure to print our one of our labels (you can find these in our downloads tab/link at top of our forum board.


Children in need:

There are lots of Emergency Rooms, Police Departments, Fire Stations, Foster Care, Schools, and Crisis Preg centers in need.


a. ER/Fire station/police dept giving: We recommend our COMFORT BAG ideas for these kind of donations. You will need purchased or handmade BAG, TOY AND BLANKET...and don't forget one of our labels. These bags help children in many different kind of trauma receive something they can hold onto and keep close to them. Helps bring healing and comfort. These departments hand them out to children as they have access to them where we may not.

b. Foster Care: These are good for our support bag idea. These support bags have (back pack/bag) with (age appropriate items) such as example Diaper, baby care items (lotions, shampoo) an outfit, a toy and blanket.(and one of our HAIN labels) The Foster Care workers take children out of many kinds of home situations, sometimes the children have no clothes and need comfort (why we say toy and blanket) and it may take a bit to get all these items to child in need. (all ages 0-18 items need help)

c. School type needs: There are many under impoverished schools that need help. Our focus is on the children in these schools. Many children cannot afford school supplies, coats and back packs. So we encourage our volunteers to buy some extra supplies and consider giving these children a boost up. Contact your local school and offer to bring your donations to the office to give to these children. Tell them your with HAIN (Heavenly angels in Need)

d. Crisis Preg Centers: A crisis pregnancy centers not only help a new mom with a baby, but can also be there to help her other children. Anything you can buy or make for a baby shower they need. Matter of fact consider having a baby shower party to give items you receive to the center. Make sure to leave info about HAIN with your donations.


Memorial Giving:

There are all kinds of request for memorial giving in honor, in memory of your loved ones or just because your heart feels drawn to giving in this area of HAIN.

a. Memory Boxes/other memorial items: Memory boxes and the items you put in these boxes are appreciated by the families whom receive them. Anyone can make these items. We have resources in our blogs, galleries, and downloads on how to.

b. Caskets: Handmade caskets you create to give families something to not have to focus on after losing their precious baby. All sizes 0-12 months old are needed. Contact your local funeral home to see about bringing this in. They are always in need of burial garments/blankets as well.

c. Burial Garments: Hospitals, Funeral homes are always in need of these items.


2. Give to HAIN Directly (Headquarters)

Our address

Heavenly Angels in Need

41300 Upper Calapooia Dr.

Sweet Home, OR 97386

OUR EMAIL: HAINFounder@gmail.com /haincharity@gmail.com


3. Give to a need we post (for members only) http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?/files/ (spreadsheets there)


We have spreadsheets for our members where we keep donation requests of individuals, orgs and hospitals. We post these privately due to personal information sometimes with requests. Members can find the spreadsheets in our downloads tab/link at top of forum.

Plus we post every month on our forum a need if one wanted a focal point to make it easier.


4. Financial:

HAIN has many financial needs. Though we are 100% all volunteer we always need resources to maintain our website/forum and to be able to purchase supplies for our volunteers, ship items and more. Consider giving in memory/honor of your loved one. This will be posted on our forum.

We accept paypal, debit or credit..

Click here to donate


5. Buy supplies for our volunteers! If your interested we can let you know a volunteer in need or ship to our headquarters address provided in this post prior.



Hope this helps!


NEED A RECEIPT (copied from another post)


When you are ready to send out your donation, you will need to fill out a tax donation form and email it to HAINCharitySec@gmail.com or elainezamora@yahoo.com. This way HAIN collects all the necessary donations sent out on behalf of the organization and we have to report this information to the IRS each year.


Here what you would do. Copy and paste the information below into a blank email. Fill out the information and email it to Elaine. That is all you need to do.




Date the donation was sent or received: ______


Who sent the donation?

Donors Full Name: _____

Donors Full Address: ______

Donors Email (we can send receipts): ______

Donors Phone: _______


What was donated?

List out donation and Fair market value of each item (i.e. 4 hats : 2.00 each): _______


Who got the donation?

Receiver’s Full Name: ______

Receiver’s Full Address: _______

Receiver’s Email or Phone: _______


Any Comments: ________





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