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This is not about how the forum board works, this is about what to do or not to use for babies, children, about HAIN etc..

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Packing Day

by JenR

Mom had been busily stitching gown sets and sewing blankets for months.  One day she called to say that all of the shirt boxes she used to store the completed sets in were full.  It was time for a packing day.

The sets were lined up on the table waiting to be put into bags.  Next, the pins indicating the size needed to be removed.

(Picture 1)

The labels on the bags were filled in with the gestation week size plus if a hat or bonnet were included, then a business card for HAIN and each gown set went into the bag.

(Picture 2)

Next the sets were sorted by size and put into piles.  The same was done for the blankets.

(Picture 3)

Consulting the needs sheet, gown sets and or blankets were pulled accordingly and put into boxes for mailing.  A letter to the recipient with the box’s contents was typed up and included.  Taped shut and addressed, off to the post office the boxes went.  Some recipients would send an email indicating the box arrived safely, while others would take the time to handwrite a note of appreciation and thanks.  Even if no response comes, it still makes us feel good knowing that all those hours spent on packing day provided another family with a handmade item and hopefully a small amount of comfort in their time of need.








Heavenly Angels in Need wants to invite you to the other places we frequent as well Here is where!



Facebook: facebook.com/heavenlyangelsinneed


Twitter: Our name is HAINHQ


Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/MaryMGlynn/heavenly-angels-in-need-hain/


Our blog (besides the one here): http://heavenlyangelsinneed.blogspot.com/


Our ravelry forum/group: http://www.ravelry.com/groups/heavenly-angels-in-need-hain


HAIN CHARITY HQ (General site for all members)

HAIN Founder (made this because google recognized my gmail for HAIN, so use it to share as well)





Our emails: HAINCharity@gmail.com and HAINFounder@gmail.com




On 12/12/2012 at 6:30 AM, Elaine Zamora said:


When you are ready to send out your donation, you will need to fill out a tax donation form and email it to HAINCharitySec@gmail.com or elainezamora@yahoo.com. This way HAIN collects all the necessary donations sent out on behalf of the organization and we have to report this information to the IRS each year.


Here what you would do. Copy and paste the information below into a blank email. Fill out the information and email it to Elaine. That is all you need to do.




Date the donation was sent or received: ______


Who sent the donation?

Donors Full Name: _____

Donors Full Address: ______

Donors Email (we can send receipts): ______

Donors Phone: _______


What was donated?

List out donation and Fair market value of each item (i.e. 4 hats : 2.00 each): _______


Who got the donation?

Receiver’s Full Name: ______

Receiver’s Full Address: _______

Receiver’s Email or Phone: _______


Any Comments: ________


Even if you do not want a receipt this also helps us know who we serve. It helps us keep records of how HAIN has reached families.


Source: Tax Donation Form Format



(This is a gown before and after it was worked on to create beautiful burial garments. Plus the name of whom donated)


Heavenly Angels in Need was one of the very first organizations that came up with the concept of using wedding gowns/prom gowns for the materials to turn into burial garments for babies whom have passed away. We started doing this in 2004/05-


Do we accept gowns?

Our answer is no not currently. When we put the call out for these kind of donations the gowns by the hundreds started pouring in. Many times the headquarters had 10 or more gowns daily for over a year or so. We finally had to halt accepting them. We have many gowns to work on still and want to work through them before another call is made.


We are in desperate need for seamstresses. We have simple patterns for our volunteers (only) in our downloads tab/link at top of forum. Anyone can make items from these gowns and hand sewn or machine we are open to help. If you would like to help HAIN in this way join our forum and ask us how to get started!


For other places who might be accepting gowns please go on google and search wedding gown donation to burial garments/ angels gowns etc..We do not want to list sites on here due to changes of information is constant.


Here is a link to some of our before and after of burial garments we have made out of wedding gowns: http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?app=gallery&category=8






HAIN receives this question many times. Here is our answer



1. Consider donating locally!


Neonatal Needs:

In order to do that you can send item to your local hospital (NICU, Bereavement Dept, Birthing Center)


a. Wash all items using our FAQ on telling you how. You can find this info on our FAQ forum (first category of forum)

b. Bag all items in a ziplock bag to keep items smelling fresh and clean.

c. Make sure to print our one of our labels (you can find these in our downloads tab/link at top of our forum board.


Children in need:

There are lots of Emergency Rooms, Police Departments, Fire Stations, Foster Care, Schools, and Crisis Preg centers in need.


a. ER/Fire station/police dept giving: We recommend our COMFORT BAG ideas for these kind of donations. You will need purchased or handmade BAG, TOY AND BLANKET...and don't forget one of our labels. These bags help children in many different kind of trauma receive something they can hold onto and keep close to them. Helps bring healing and comfort. These departments hand them out to children as they have access to them where we may not.

b. Foster Care: These are good for our support bag idea. These support bags have (back pack/bag) with (age appropriate items) such as example Diaper, baby care items (lotions, shampoo) an outfit, a toy and blanket.(and one of our HAIN labels) The Foster Care workers take children out of many kinds of home situations, sometimes the children have no clothes and need comfort (why we say toy and blanket) and it may take a bit to get all these items to child in need. (all ages 0-18 items need help)

c. School type needs: There are many under impoverished schools that need help. Our focus is on the children in these schools. Many children cannot afford school supplies, coats and back packs. So we encourage our volunteers to buy some extra supplies and consider giving these children a boost up. Contact your local school and offer to bring your donations to the office to give to these children. Tell them your with HAIN (Heavenly angels in Need)

d. Crisis Preg Centers: A crisis pregnancy centers not only help a new mom with a baby, but can also be there to help her other children. Anything you can buy or make for a baby shower they need. Matter of fact consider having a baby shower party to give items you receive to the center. Make sure to leave info about HAIN with your donations.


Memorial Giving:

There are all kinds of request for memorial giving in honor, in memory of your loved ones or just because your heart feels drawn to giving in this area of HAIN.

a. Memory Boxes/other memorial items: Memory boxes and the items you put in these boxes are appreciated by the families whom receive them. Anyone can make these items. We have resources in our blogs, galleries, and downloads on how to.

b. Caskets: Handmade caskets you create to give families something to not have to focus on after losing their precious baby. All sizes 0-12 months old are needed. Contact your local funeral home to see about bringing this in. They are always in need of burial garments/blankets as well.

c. Burial Garments: Hospitals, Funeral homes are always in need of these items.


2. Give to HAIN Directly (Headquarters)

Our address

Heavenly Angels in Need

41300 Upper Calapooia Dr.

Sweet Home, OR 97386

OUR EMAIL: HAINFounder@gmail.com /haincharity@gmail.com


3. Give to a need we post (for members only) http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?/files/ (spreadsheets there)


We have spreadsheets for our members where we keep donation requests of individuals, orgs and hospitals. We post these privately due to personal information sometimes with requests. Members can find the spreadsheets in our downloads tab/link at top of forum.

Plus we post every month on our forum a need if one wanted a focal point to make it easier.


4. Financial:

HAIN has many financial needs. Though we are 100% all volunteer we always need resources to maintain our website/forum and to be able to purchase supplies for our volunteers, ship items and more. Consider giving in memory/honor of your loved one. This will be posted on our forum.

We accept paypal, debit or credit..

Click here to donate


5. Buy supplies for our volunteers! If your interested we can let you know a volunteer in need or ship to our headquarters address provided in this post prior.



Hope this helps!


NEED A RECEIPT (copied from another post)


When you are ready to send out your donation, you will need to fill out a tax donation form and email it to HAINCharitySec@gmail.com or elainezamora@yahoo.com. This way HAIN collects all the necessary donations sent out on behalf of the organization and we have to report this information to the IRS each year.


Here what you would do. Copy and paste the information below into a blank email. Fill out the information and email it to Elaine. That is all you need to do.




Date the donation was sent or received: ______


Who sent the donation?

Donors Full Name: _____

Donors Full Address: ______

Donors Email (we can send receipts): ______

Donors Phone: _______


What was donated?

List out donation and Fair market value of each item (i.e. 4 hats : 2.00 each): _______


Who got the donation?

Receiver’s Full Name: ______

Receiver’s Full Address: _______

Receiver’s Email or Phone: _______


Any Comments: ________






Bags being Delivered to an ER with items like in above picture



Comfort and Sibling Support Bags are made the same way. Both only require


1. A bag (either crochet, knit, sewn or purchased)

2. A toy (depending on age, depends on toy you chose) Plush type toys for younger kids. For older siblings you can get a journal, game, etc..

3. A blanket (either handmade or not)

4. One of our tags/labels put on or in bag. Link to labels/tags to download: http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?/files/category/4-public-downloads-area/ or you can also go into our gallery (link at top of forum), we have JPEG versions to print as you need.



Thats it!


These bags can be donated to fire stations, police stations, hospitals, kids in need in your area, emergency rooms etc.. 

The purpose of these bags is to bring children and teens comfort during a time of trauma in their lives (the teen bags would have age appropriate items, games instead of toys..or journal/book) When children have been through a home fire, or lost a sibling, are visiting the ER..for whatever reason we hope these bags find it in the arms of these children to hopefully bring comfort during an already trying time. 

Anyone can do these. If you craft, or if you don't craft, you can purchase all items, being sure to add one of our labels and your name on it. Simple as going to your local fire station, police station or ER and letting them know these bags are for donation from "Heavenly angels in Need" charity and we would like them to be given to kids who need comfort. Thats it, its simple and a blessing to these kids!




Heavenly Angels in Need over the years have learned through hard knocks and feedback on giving and why we should always give the best quality items.

We have learned so much over these past years that we feel its best to ask our volunteers to give the very best, by asking them to put themselves into the shoes of the person receiving the items.


1. Does the family receiving have to guess what the item they are receiving is? If they are having to take a guess what they are being handed then its best not to send it along.


2. Did you wash the item before sending it? Why is this important? We ask our volunteers to wash all items before sending them along. Its best to bag items afterwords in a ziplock type bag to keep items as sterile as possible but it also keeps items smelling clean and fresh. Items maybe stored until usage. Its important because smells of our homes, pets, smokers etc..can seep into the items we make. Plus if you have any kind of cold etc.. these germs can also get on clothes which can spread to baby/child. Here is the link to washing instructions: http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?/forum/214-faq-divisionsjoining-hain-and-more-public/ and more info.


3. Colors: Colors can be important depending on the type of donation given. For an infant loss we ask for pastels, whites or gentle colors. Not dark or harsh colors. For children all colors are open. Matter of fact the more colorful depending on age the better! Premature babies who receive blood draws it is best to not do all blue or all yellow. Because many times it can cause unnecessary testing. Colors tend to bounce off skin and can make baby appear jaundice etc..means more blood draws. And these babies bodies are tested constant, the bruising is there and why risk more hurtful testing on baby if we can just not go there. Its okay to have the colors mixed with other colors but by themselves is risky.


4. Religious items: HAIN does care about all families and their beliefs so we ask that you send various items. Do not stop giving angels etc.. but offer various items religious or non religious items that hospital staff/others giving to families for us can offer a variety to the families to decide for themselves based on their own belief system can decide what is comforting to them and their healing process. We believe people should have a choice, not let others dictate that choice. So send various religious or non religious items so their is a choice for families.


5. Quality yarns/material: We ask that your yarn/material is clean, non scratchy. Softer and thinner 3 ply type yarns are best for preemies/infant loss babies (no animal fibers). Our attitudes should never be, "hey they are lucky to get something, its better than nothing" or " why should I spend money on anything nice, cheap yarn etc.. is just fine"

Attitude in giving: You are giving out of your own pocket, your own heart and we understand that, but we are also giving out of love. With out love then are we actually really serving the needs of others? Our heart when giving is important. I ask myself where my heart is when I am making an item or giving it. Its not about how much or how little, its about our attitude, being a blessing and blessing others. Giving to others is a gift not only to them, but to ourselves. What would you want handed to you if your world was falling apart or your baby was struggling to survive? The person who receives may not know your heart by getting the item, but you will and we want you to feel good about giving what you gave. We however cannot control that of course (attitude) but this is simply here to make us think and that is all.


We hope this info helps.. Please leave a comment with any questions you need answered below.



Do you ever want to know what is safe or not safe to make for babies whom have passed away or may be struggling? We hope some of this answers your questions!


We believe that each baby should be treated the same as if it were still with us and so needs to have clothes that are soft but also being sensitive to color appropriate clothing for the sensitivity of the situation.


Question: What colors does HAIN suggest?

We suggest using soft pastels, white and other gentle type colors.


Question: What types of materials does HAIN suggest?

We suggest using soft yarns, fabrics that you would use on a premature baby. Non bulky, non metallic/metal. Less decoration the better. Less weight the better. 3 ply for yarn is a good sample of good yarn weights to use. For sewing: Cotton/flannel type fabrics is best. Some Satin is also good. (non itchy materials)

Yarns: We also ask that you do not use animal type fibers for babies. Remember not all babies have passed away and may be allergic to animal fibers.


Question: Why make burial outfits with out arm sleeves and open all the way down front or back?

HAIN came up with this idea in 2003 and started asking our volunteers to do this. Over time that is all we suggested our volunteers to do. Why?

(Warning Graphic detail)

Some of these babies may be so tiny, so fragile that in order to dress a baby in such a sensitive state with tiny arms, and their skin sometimes already is in deteriorating process, or their skin may be thin like paper and may tear. you can also many times see their veins etc.. We feel it is better the parents or hospital staff should not have to struggle to get baby into an outfit. Having the outfit open all the way front or back allows parents/hospital staff to gently lay their/the precious baby into outfit with no struggle. Even if the precious baby were full term we understand the need to be gentle knowing babies need tender loving care.And because we are not always aware of the condition the baby is in. Parents/Hospital Staff should not have to struggle to dress these precious angels.


Why no arm sleeves on baby gowns etc? For same reason mentioned above we suggest making gowns, wraps etc with no arm sleeves so babies gentle body in this state of being fragile needs not have to be bent to put outfit on. Many hospital staff have told us when an outfit has small arms its to hard to dress baby and the baby is just then laid over outfit or outfit laid over baby.


What types of outfits are acceptable to give?

For micro preemie babies: Fetal/Burial Wraps: These are made open all the way open in front or back.. They can be Sewn/Knit/Crochet you can visit our Neonatal Gallery for various samples of these. These are made for very small angel babies usually around 4-23 weeks gestation.

Preemie to full term: Gowns, Boy Suits/Rompers are usually made for babies 20 weeks to full term angels.


Can I make afghans?

Yes. We encourage light weight afghans. Colors suggested as above. Any size from 12x12 to Newborn size 36 inch


HAIN Suggests we be sensitive to the families we serve. We ask that you create items you would want to receive if you were in the same heartbreaking time the families we are serving. If you have to question an item its probably not appropriate to offer. Simpler the better! Please use our washing instructions you see listed in our FAQ section in the first category on the forum (after HAIN history).

Please also give with love and love only!


For further do's and don't info:  http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?/files/file/126-burial-garments-dos-and-donts/


Thank you,

HAIN Charity


Any questions be sure to leave a comment..





We get allot of volunteers who want to use only the safest products on babies who will have items they make touching their skin.


Question: So what is safe to use on premature or sick infants skin? We have had that question asked many times over the years!




Knitters/Crocheters we ask for non heavy, non wool type yarns. The lighter weight the better, softer the better!


Why no wool? because premature babies are so sensitive that if they happen to be allergic to animal fibers then it can make their healing process harder and some allergies can be deathly.


Why soft materials? Did you know a premature babies skin can literally be as thin as wet paper and can tear so easily that scratchy material can actual rip the babies skin?


Why light weight materials? the heavy yarns can feel like hundreds of pounds to a premature infant. Remember some of these babies weigh only a few pounds or less. If the blanket weighs almost as much as the baby then it may feel like a stack of bricks to a baby. They lay in one position many times for hours. We want our items to be soft, light weight and feel comforting to them which helps their recovery process go better.




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