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This is a general blog HAIN itself created for events, news and more

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HAIN receives no financial donations for any of its members to run it. We are 100% volunteer Organization.

However it does take money to run HAIN directly! Though my husband and I do not mind covering the cost of doing so I wanted to reach out and ask for help from our members as well as others who may be touched to help!



Here is a break down of basic costs to run HAIN. If you do send monies not through our donation button where you should receive a receipt..but decide to send a check or money order make sure to let me know if you need a receipt for your donation.





Website/Forum fees


Domain name: $20.00 yearly

Forum/Website Host:$ 650.00 (this covers all updates and help support) yearly




Banking fees to have a business account to run our charity: $300.00 yearly


Paypal fee's we are working on to allow monthly donation options: 239.40 yearly


Business Fees


Incorporation fees yearly 50.00 (in order to run a charity in Oregon/ or business)


And Oregon Tax fees run around $ 50.00 a year


$1259.40 total


Raised thus far


$50.00 -Thank you Anna V.

$20.00 Thank you Ashlee L.

$20.00 -Thank you Linda P.

$50.00 -Thank you Mary S.

$20.00- Thank you D-Anne R.

$50.00-Thank you-Joann V.


Now: $1049.40



How do I DONATE?


You can go to our home screen on forum heavenlyangelsinneed.com and click on the secure donate button to the right of the screen and address is also listed


Anything extra will be spent to supply our volunteers with yarn, materials and craft items to help get more handmade items out there to help families.



HAIN is humbled by the constant giving of our amazing volunteers. Though our country has been struggling financially our volunteers are faithful in helping families find comfort. We are so very proud of our volunteers and I want to thank them from the bottom of my heart!

H.A.I.N. needs many kinds of help. Please consider helping us touch one baby, one child, one family at a time.


. Neonatal Division: We need volunteers desperately! If you can Sew, Crochet, Knit we need your time, love in serving these little babies and children in need. We offer tons of free patterns and a list of places who have asked for our help, or we encourage you to give locally. We have labels you can print to put on the items you send out etc..

. Children's Division: If you can not craft you can buy items and give through our Children's Division. We offer care bags, its made up of a purchased (or handcrafted) bag, a toy and blanket. Put one of our labels on that and give to an Emergency Room, Fire Department or Police Station or Hospital in your area. This bag will be given to a child to give them comfort during trauma, house fire, car accident etc.. just a little love goes along way! Gives kids comfort and something they can hold on to during a difficult time.

. Financial Helps! Your financial help will go into a general fund to help cover website costs. Plus we send out yarns and materials to help our volunteers to be able to create handmade items for babies and children, or to purchase items for our care bags. H.A.I.N. has no paid members. We are 100% volunteer! So anything you give goes 100% to help babies and children. You can donate to us by clicking on the DONATE button the left side of our front page/Home page of our website.

. Memory Box Division: If you have an artistic side and would like to try making memory boxes, your help is desperately needed. Memory Boxes are some of our most requested items. These boxes are made with paper mache boxes you can purchase through any craft store. We have lots of ideas, resources and patterns you are welcome to use. These boxes are given to families in grief to keep their infants memorial items in. These boxes are treasured by percipient. Almost anyone can make these boxes. We have hospitals and individuals who have requested them in our members only (for their privacy) part of our forum. Sign up to be a HAIN volunteer to find this information.

. Our Casket Division is in Desperate need of volunteers. You can give in a powerful way if you have woodworking skills to donate locally or if an emergency need arises. Consider this as a way of reaching grieving families who shouldn't have to worry about the cost of burying their baby when their whole world was just ripped apart.

. Our Comfort Division needs loving volunteers who can offer bereavement support for families who just need prayers, comfort, love and support.

Please consider joining our organization and helping one baby, one child, one family at a time!!


This particular blog is for updates etc..so thought I would post a few for you..

1. FINANCIAL HELP STILL NEEDED: HAIN is still seeking financial donations to cover the entire year. This covers forum as our main Web site now so years coverage, plus forum helps (when website is down we pay for our host to fix the problems) , domain fees, Banking fees (for business type account). It takes about $1000.00 a year to run HAIN completely. We have made cut backs by now only having one domain etc.. Brian and myself over the years paid over half of all fee's which is of course a blessing, but am opening it to allow others to give if they wish to help in this way. (All extra's can go towards the next years cost) There are no paid staff to run HAIN so all goes directly to cover running HAIN. When we get allot of extra we also will pick active volunteers and send yarns, material etc..to help make more items for HAIN, and cover shipping of collected donations the headquarters received from volunteers.

Our button to donate is to the right of the forum towards the top of our main forum home. You can find address there to give a check/money order to HAIN as well. Or debit/credit card options are there. We do go through paypal as a secure option (they process our donations, however you do not have to have a paypal account to give. There are options on there for this)

We are also asking now for next years needs.

2. UNACTIVE MEMBER REMOVAL: HAIN received a notice our memory is low, for the first time ever. So to control this we will be working to remove unactive posting members from HAIN. Meaning if you have been here lets say 6 months to a year and we have not heard from you for whatever reason we will remove your account. Why? All of us members have our own profiles, with several pages with in them. Which takes space. If someone joined and may have forgotten etc..this is space HAIN can use for more active members, which all are very much needed. Active members just means you post at our roll calls or on forum at least once a month. No giving is ever required!

3 UPDATING RAVELRY:. I will be working on updating all broken pattern links on RAVELRY.COM where HAIN has a forum area as well as the founders patterns free (on my profile there: MaryMGlynn) I simply have not been on Ravelry since updating our forum.

4. PATTERNS NEEDED FOR CHARITY USE: I am still collecting patterns for charity use and hope to still produce in PDF format much of our patterns so our members can have them in one document or in a series of documents, to make it easier. If you have any patterns you created and would like to donate for HAIN to use please send pattern to info@heavenlyangelsinneed.com and write on pattern you give HAIN permission to use pattern. Please post picture of finished items with pattern/head of pattern etc..


Not sure where to donate? If you cannot give locally, then please feel free to go to downloads tab (members only can see this link to spreadsheet) click on tab and then go to spreadsheets. You will find a list of requested items. Please let Cheryl know by posting on forum in the divisions area in appropriate forum letting her know you donated and where so she can update spreadsheet accordingly. Or email her cherylc@heavenlyangelsinneed.com

If you want a receipt and even if you do not HAIN likes to see where our charity is giving even if its a place not listed on our spreadsheet please email elaine@heavenlyangelsinneed.com she adds info to our database so we can have this for our records. THANK YOU!! HAIN is no longer assigning FMV on items, so any items you get if you want a receipt you will need to list that yourself.

6. HAIN ROLL CALL: Each month Diana Richie puts up a roll call, we need you to respond to them just to let us know you are still here. Thats our only requirement as a charity as that you post on our forum, anywhere once a month in order to be considered active. All unactive members will be removed to conserve space on our website. If you are generally active and cannot post once a month that is fine. We are talking VERY unactive members (meaning no post ever usually)

7. NEWSLETTER HELP: Diana R. creates our monthly newsletters. She is in need of articles, updates and more. Please contact her for more information diana@heavenlyangelsinneed.com

8. BEREAVEMENT STORIES: We are seeking bereavement stories. If you have a story of your loss please send it to info@heavenlyangelsinneed.com we will share it here on the forum and possibly a future publication to help let others know they are not alone.

If you have any questions please let us know.

HAIN Headquarters


HAIN Charity has never been at a more scarier time as a charity to have to ask for help from the general public and our volunteers for financial helps. Our volunteers have always been able to cover cost yearly as well as the founder and her family. But now we need the help from the general public.

Our charity only does a financial call for help one time of year and donations are scarce this year, we cannot cover the cost to keep our organization going. We are a small organization. however the donation request are great. We are 100% all volunteer. Our services offer bereavement support, school children supply helps, and comfort to families that are in grief, and children comfort during traumatic times.

So this is our call out for help. HAIN has been here since 2003 at least in a public way. We have reached thousands. The needs are so great and the appreciate from the families is beyond appreciated.

Please consider donating financially so we can stay here to help these families, children and babies we serve.

We do hope you hear our desperate call for help. This will be our last year of HAIN's existence with out help. Anything helps, all helps add up and are appreciated!

Thank you so much,

HAIN Charity


/monthly_2015_07/blog-0912142001365048179.jpg.8ae490cef5980697108f3c74185be326.jpg" class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image" style="float:left;">blog-0912142001365048179.jpgVolunteers,

Its been 12 years since I started knitting in Mariah's memory with local helps but started the official Heavenly Angels in Need group site April 07,2003. We became an official federally recognized charity org in April 2006. Heavenly angels in need started because of a little baby girl whom passed away in July 01, 2000 her name was/is Mariah Belle Glynn she was 10 ounces and 10 inches long. When she was dying the hospital brought in a little gown and hat. After Mariah passed away the hospital brought in 2 memory boxes, one for us to keep and one to lay her little body in as we requested her to be taken to the morgue and not the laboratory as they usually do with babies this small we were told at that time.

Mariah in her hat, memory box and her gown:



(her memory box now has water damage on her box, from storage unit it was in)


Her little hand and feet prints (her feet were the size of a quarter)


Her casket my husband and a cousin made for Mariah by hand.


Her headstone with Heavenly angels in need (in memory on it)


You can read more details on how H.A.I.N. was started here: http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?showtopic=5357

Out of pain of her loss and my ability to knit I started HAIN in 2003 by starting a little yahoo group, the requests started to pour in and so went national with it in 2004 by starting a public online website.

We had an out pour of amazing volunteers coming from different States all over. I couldn't believe how amazing people were just giving so much of themselves to help others. We gave little at first, each State we reached we were excited over. We started producing more and more and reaching more and more places. Soon we started setting standards that now many charities use today.

For example: Sleeveless burial garments and requiring the burial garment to be open in front or back of gown all the way down are just a couple of these standards. Hospitals from all over writing us and were so grateful for receiving our gifts. We went through so many learning curves, ups and downs, and have become a volunteer organization that is still small enough to focus on what we are here for and that is whom we serve. I am so proud of H.A.I.N. and where we are today.

With different people from all different area's, cultures, and walks of life meeting together on an online board/forum to share the love of our craft and love of whom we serve is simply amazing.

HAIN has reached countless lives in caring, sharing and loving others unselfishly.

We are a charity that rarely hears a thank you for our work, but that doesn't matter to us, we truck along with the knowledge of knowing how important our work is. Many of our very own volunteers do this to honor their own loved one,and in memory of their loved ones. We know personally how important it is to be handed a beautiful priceless gift.

We serve premature babies, babies whom may be sick and in the hospital, we also serve babies whom have passed away and the heartbroken families, we also serve children in need or whom have been in tragedy. We also have a place for families left with empty arms to talk about their grief (bereavement support)

Our volunteers make me see love and kindness. H.A.I.N. has helped me cope with the loss of my precious babies and heal from deep hurts many of us have suffered ourselves.

I can wake up now and not cry, I wake up refreshed knowing that countless lives have been touched not only because of my own losses but the losses of other babies/children of our volunteers and what we do for them in their honor/memory.

Though selfishly we would rather have our own babies instead, but honoring them in their memory some how makes things bearable in our own grief.

My heart is not as broken, but filled with the love I see in these amazing volunteers over the years to present.

As I have said many times, HAIN is only here because of volunteers, with out them H.A.I.N. would not be.

THANK YOU to all the incredible volunteers that HAIN has had from past to present. You have honored my children well as you honor your own in their memory. Or if you just give because you have a heart to, you have been an honor to so many.

The lives you touch, you may never know, but know you are touching lives as mine was touched when I was handed my most precious possession and that is my daughters memory box filled with items I hold dear to my heart.

My heart is full! I am so very proud of all of you!!!


Mary Glynn


/monthly_2015_07/blog-0134862001360632376.jpg.bf0ce5a72d88283c8054a70fe785e8d1.jpg" class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image" style="float:left;">blog-0134862001360632376.jpgDear Volunteers,

Our organization have been receiving many requests from hospitals and individuals desperately needing our help. We need volunteers that have a heart for serving the families devastated by loss of their little ones.

Here is the list of requests: http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?app=downloads&showcat=3 (this can only be seen by registered HAIN members)

Here are a few pictures we have uploaded thus far of some boxes donated: http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?app=gallery&category=5

Here you will find how to's: http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?app=downloads&showcat=6 (can only be seen by HAIN volunteers)

Memory Box label/Tag: http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?app=downloads&showcat=4

Once you donate please post on forum here: http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?showforum=9 to let Cheryl know to update spreadsheets

And to get a receipt send this info to Elaine: http://www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com/index.php?showtopic=10314

Please do not be afraid to dig right in, the boxes are simple to make...and your touching the hearts of many families in grief!


Posting pictures is easy as 1. 2. 3. We made it easy, all you have to do is click on the gallery tab at the top of our forum and click on Gallery you wish to post pictures in and upload.

I have been adding some pictures I have saved over time from volunteers, but we encourage you to add your pictures as well. Its super easy!!!


H.A.I.N. came to the conclusion that just using our www.heavenlyangelsinneed.com name would be much better rather than another name such as haincraftforum.org so please not this in your records of this change. We are working on removing it from the internet all together. The warning page could take weeks to remove and the risk of HAIN's reputation is to to much at stake. This will mean allot of work on changing links, labels, tags and more but will be worth it in the end.

Thank you for understanding,

HAIN -Mary


/monthly_2015_07/blog-0919077001354596827.jpg.dbdb85e91f2bccfd1c32dee26267a927.jpg" class="ipsAttachLink ipsAttachLink_image" style="float:left;">blog-0919077001354596827.jpgDear Volunteers,

I am excited to announce our smart changes to our charities website. We no longer will rely on outside blogs, a website that led us in various directions, not being able to display our volunteers work (and so no need for photobucket etc) we can upload all our images right here on our Message Board by clicking on the tab at the top. Plus our members can talk about their volunteering, about self and more by starting your own blog! Plus to make things more convenient we have a downloads area to put all our spreadsheets, labels, tags and more all in one area instead of digging around forum trying to figure out where everything is. This will mean we will be removing many forums making our forum smaller and easier to manage for all of us!

I don't know about you but this will help us stay focused on what is most important and that is the babies and children in need. Please be patient with us while we make some changes.


HAIN Admin

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