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    I am very proud to be a member of HAIN.  I have not been able to contribute since joining, but hope to in the future.
     Two years ago...I lost my Dad and my Mom moved in with us a
     year ago.  She is 90 years old and has been hospitalized 3 times this year.  My time has been devoted to my parents
     for the last couple years.  I do have several baby crochet hats made and also some little blankets.  I would love to donate them.  Is there a place close by me where they can be dropped off?

     I am very interested in making clothing for children, blankets, etc.  I lost 4 babies by miscarriage and premis are very special to me.

     Thanks so much!

     Peggy Dieu


  2. There are times in our lives we do not feel real appreciated. We all have those times. Part of life.

    Tonight my daughter wanted to take not only myself out, but her brothers to dinner. She took us out to the fanciest place in town. She smiled so big. There were tears of joy, laughter and all around love. As I looked around the table it was hard to describe the joy we all still shared in one anothers company. My heart truly warmed up watching my kids enjoy one anothers company. No cell phones allowed until after we ate. Then the snapchat (an app that destorts faces) and the laughter was all around.

    It was great to see and feel. I know there dad would be smiling if he was or is able to see them and I. We needed this time together. 

    I am thankful for these moments. Sometimes we need to let what is going on in our lives not stop us from living. Its okay to laugh during those moments.

    I am grateful that God let me have these moments, these wonderful kids.

    We miss Brian more than anything. We also know that no matter how much we miss him it will never bring him back. Doesnt mean we stop missing him, it just means until we see him again than we have to live until our time is here to meet him.

     I do pray that you look around and see your kids and husband and say thank you. One never knows their time. We assume we will continue to live until we are 100, let me tell you, one never knows. So appreciate what you do have. I know there are times its hard to love when times are unlovable. Make the choice to love every day. 


    Thank you for taking the time to read my babbling.


  3. Packing Day

    by JenR

    Mom had been busily stitching gown sets and sewing blankets for months.  One day she called to say that all of the shirt boxes she used to store the completed sets in were full.  It was time for a packing day.

    The sets were lined up on the table waiting to be put into bags.  Next, the pins indicating the size needed to be removed.

    (Picture 1)

    The labels on the bags were filled in with the gestation week size plus if a hat or bonnet were included, then a business card for HAIN and each gown set went into the bag.

    (Picture 2)

    Next the sets were sorted by size and put into piles.  The same was done for the blankets.

    (Picture 3)

    Consulting the needs sheet, gown sets and or blankets were pulled accordingly and put into boxes for mailing.  A letter to the recipient with the box’s contents was typed up and included.  Taped shut and addressed, off to the post office the boxes went.  Some recipients would send an email indicating the box arrived safely, while others would take the time to handwrite a note of appreciation and thanks.  Even if no response comes, it still makes us feel good knowing that all those hours spent on packing day provided another family with a handmade item and hopefully a small amount of comfort in their time of need.






  4. Diana Richie's Blog

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    Diana Richie
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    By Diana Richie,

    There is just something about digging through your yarn and planning out things to make for babies. Crocheting baby blankets is probably my favorite thing to make, but baby hats come second. They are so quick to work up, and so many possibilities! Below is a picture of some hats that I have been working on for our Spring Fling. I currently have 25 boy hats finished. I am anxious to get some girl hats finished up before the challenge ends. I have spent many late nights working on these little guys. It's always a case of "one more row and then I need to get to bed", before you know it, 1 AM rolls around. Ooops! I think almost any crafter can relate to that.

    I stepped outside of the box on some of these baby hats, and hopefully the hospitals will be ok with that. They aren't your traditional blue baby hats, but I still think they are cute. I have seen so many different color combos used so I wanted to try some out. Sometimes different is good, and a great way to use up some of those partially used skeins. When I get some girl hats finished up I'll share some of those too.



  5. Hi,

    Hope all is well! I just wanted to let you know that our team here at Healthline loved your information in Heavenly Angels In Need! We love the support that your organization provides to many grieving parents and the wonderful work that Heavenly Angels In Need!

    We loved it so much we included it in our recent article "Finding Support When Grieving the Loss of a Child" You can see the article here: http://www.healthline.com/health/parenting/loss-of-a-child

    For a little info on Healthline: We’re the fastest growing health website with over 40 million monthly users. We take great care and pride in providing top-quality health information to our loyal fan base with all content undergoing a rigorous editorial review by a team of doctors.

    Thanks again for the great piece!

    All the best,

  6. :f9da89bbcd376bbcec6edbbee92f8c3

    HAIN receives no financial donations for any of its members to run it. We are 100% volunteer Organization.

    However it does take money to run HAIN directly! Though my husband and I do not mind covering the cost of doing so I wanted to reach out and ask for help from our members as well as others who may be touched to help!



    Here is a break down of basic costs to run HAIN. If you do send monies not through our donation button where you should receive a receipt..but decide to send a check or money order make sure to let me know if you need a receipt for your donation.





    Website/Forum fees


    Domain name: $20.00 yearly

    Forum/Website Host:$ 650.00 (this covers all updates and help support) yearly




    Banking fees to have a business account to run our charity: $300.00 yearly


    Paypal fee's we are working on to allow monthly donation options: 239.40 yearly


    Business Fees


    Incorporation fees yearly 50.00 (in order to run a charity in Oregon/ or business)


    And Oregon Tax fees run around $ 50.00 a year


    $1259.40 total


    Raised thus far


    $50.00 -Thank you Anna V.

    $20.00 Thank you Ashlee L.

    $20.00 -Thank you Linda P.

    $50.00 -Thank you Mary S.

    $20.00- Thank you D-Anne R.

    $50.00-Thank you-Joann V.


    Now: $1049.40



    How do I DONATE?


    You can go to our home screen on forum heavenlyangelsinneed.com and click on the secure donate button to the right of the screen and address is also listed


    Anything extra will be spent to supply our volunteers with yarn, materials and craft items to help get more handmade items out there to help families.


  7. MaryGlynn
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    By MaryGlynn,

    My Shoes

    I am wearing a pair of shoes.

    They are ugly shoes.

    Uncomfortable shoes.

    I hate my shoes.

    Each day I wear them, and each day I wish I had another pair.

    Some days my shoes hurt so bad that I do not think I can take another step.

    Yet, I continue to wear them.

    I get funny looks wearing these shoes.

    They are looks of sympathy.

    I can tell in other's eyes that they are glad they are my shoes and nottheirs.

    They never talk about my shoes.

    To learn how awful my shoes are might make them uncomfortable.

    To truly understand these shoes you must walk in them.

    But, once you put them on, you can never take them off.

    I now realize that I am not the only one who wears these shoes.

    There are many pairs in this world.

    Some women are like me and ache daily as they try to walk in them.

    Some have learned how to walk in them so that they don't hurt quite somuch.

    Some have worn the shoes so long that days will go by before they think

    about how much they hurt.

    No woman deserves to wear these shoes.

    Yet, because of these shoes I am a stronger woman.

    These shoes have given me the strength to face anything.

    They have made me who I am.

    I will forever walk in the shoes of a woman who has lost a child.

    author unknown to me

    Source: My Shoes

  8. MaryGlynn
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    Oct 2009 Article

    Here is my story, hope you can use it. I've made a few changes to the original because I didn't mention HAIN in my initial post.


    I used to think choosing ribbon to go with a project was easy, but not anymore. Especially after the past 2 weeks - I made my first micro-preemie burial wrap & hat in white yarn using one of HAIN's patterns. The design calls includes 4 eyelet rows to be laced up with 1/4" ribbon and tied in front. I figured 5 feet of white ribbon would be about right so I would have 15" of ribbon on row, but my white ribbon came up a couple of inches short, so I divided it in 4 equal pieces and it was enough to tie them correctly, and made a mental note to buy more white 1/4" ribbon soon.

    In the meantime, on another set of needles I had an open-back preemie gown in "sparkly" mint green which would require its own ribbon tie at the neckline eyelet row - on those gowns I always send 3 feet of ribbon so whoever dresses the baby can use what they want for tying at the neck, then the remaining ribbon can be tied around the waist or however else they wish to use it. I finished that gown about the same time as the white burial wrap, and then I started a periwinkle wrap set, and it was done so fast that I made another just like it. But the only green I had on hand was bright kelly green which didn't look quite right, nor did blue or lilac ribbon look right with periwinkle, so a fabric store visit became urgent. I went to JoAnn's and it took forever to find 1/4" white ribbon, and it was a "corrugated" design, not as pretty as plain white satin but acceptable. I bought two 18-ft

    spools, thinking I had a good supply. There was no mint ribbon narrower than 3/4" and I decided not to bother with periwinkle since the yarn that color was almost gone anyway. I got back home and cut off 3 feet for the green gown, 5 feet each for the wraps, and then realized I'd just used 13 feet and only had enough left for one more wrap, so it was a good thing I bought 2 spools! And when we traveled to Flagstaff last weekend I made another wrap set in sparkly mint green (different brand than I used for the gown), so there went the other 5 feet.

    I also had a pink & white preemie gown completed before any of this started but hadn't had time to cut the ribbon to go with it. After cutting off 3 feet of pink ribbon, I only had 2 feet left, so I set it aside with plans to make some pink lace-up booties next time I make hat & bootie sets and now I had another color ribbon needing replacement. I visited Hancock Fabric this time, and I had just about given up on finding 1/4" pink ribbon among what they had on display when I found what I wanted in the clearance section for 35 cents.

    On Wednesday I went to the local meetup and used up the remaining sparkly mint yarn for another wrap - there was exactly one foot left after the final bind-off stitch. I slipped into a different JoAnn store at lunchtime in hopes of finding some matching yarn to make a hat and possibly some light green ribbon, but I didn't find the yarn and like with the other JoAnn store, all ribbon in that color was too wide - however, I did buy 6 yards of microfleece to use for another project, LOL! I had used a skein of sparkly white yarn from my mother-in-law's "gift stash" and thought there was more, but it turned out to be sparkly ecru. OK, I started a hat with that and then visited the nearest Hobby Lobby at lunchtime. It took a little searching because all the fancy printed ribbons showed their faces first, but I finally found some ecru ribbon in the right size AND some mint green as well! As mentioned above, I didn't have any mint yarn left, but I did find some in HL's yarn section and bought a skein. I also bought skeins of peach and aqua in the same brand because I noticed some ribbon in those colors in my stash, and had no other yarn in those colors (at some point I did, but used the yarn for something else).

    In the future, if anyone tells me "I'm just gonna run to JoAnn's (or Hancock) for a little bit of ribbon", I will expect them to be gone awhile, LOL!

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    I have been crocheting with my new yarn. Progess has been slow, but I do have a little cocoon ready to have the ends run in and the ribbons added. I also have a hat done and another cocoon started. My work is piling up, so time to crochet is limited, but I am determined to get back to actively taking part in HAIN.

    It is finally summer here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and there are lots of distractions. I have a bag set up with my HAIN project and when time permits I grab it and do a few more rows. I find that even tho time is limited, it is best not to let it stop me completely from working on my projects. If I wait for long periods of time to work on it, I will never work on it. Bit by bit the projects get done. There is always a need for whatever I get done, that's for sure.

    I still haven't had any success at posting pictures here, I've got to find some time to look into how to do that.

    till next time......DJ in MI's U. P.

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    Cheryl Chow
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    I don't know about you, but I often have a tough time finding patterns to make cute outfits for boys. Browsing through Bev's Country Cottage website one day I came across this cute Sweater and Diaper set. Knitting a hat to go with this two piece outfit makes a really nice set for a grieving family.


    Here's the basic knitting pattern for the hat. I used Patons Beehive Baby Sport yarn for the hat pictured but any sport yarn would work.

    For the hat (knit in the round):

    CO 72 sts with 3mm needles and blue yarn

    K1, P1 for 8 rows

    Change to 3.5mm needles and white

    Knit until hat measures 3”

    K7, k2tog repeat


    K6, k2tog repeat


    etc. until 8sts left.

    Thread yarn through. Weave in ends.

    If you've never looked through Bev's website I hightly recommend it. There are so many patterns that I want to knit, crochet, and sew that my printer does overtime when I visit!

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